Matthew McConaughey’s Son Levi Joins Instagram With A Wink To Dad

Levi McConaughey, the son of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, has joined Instagram.  (Photo: Gary Miller/WireImage)

Levi McConaughey, the son of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, has joined Instagram. (Photo: Gary Miller/WireImage)

Matthew McConaughey’s son, Levi, received a unique birthday present from his famous parents: social media.

In honor of his 15th birthday, Levi McConaughey, who is the son of Matthew and his wife of 11 years, Camila Alves, took to the internet to introduce himself to the world on Instagram.

“Happy to be here,” Levi captioned the video, which features a series of photos and videos of the teenager taking part in activities ranging from surfing and snowboarding to haircuts.

“Hi, my name is Levi,” he says to the camera, before hearing the voice of his father in one of his most iconic roles: David Wooderson in the 1993 teen classic. Dazed and confusedwho said “Let me tell you this, the older you get the more they will try to make you follow rules. You just gotta keep living, LIVIN.”

On Empire of the Sun’s song “Walking on a Dream,” Levi goes on various activities in the video, including jumping into the ocean from a cliff and posing for photos with his family.

In the comments section, Matthew, 53, chimed in in honor of his son’s birthday, sharing that “levi is alive.” In his Instagram Stories, Levi directed viewers to a video of his parents, which was originally shared on Matthew’s Instagram account. In the video, the family discusses their decision to allow their oldest child to join social media. (The couple have two younger children: Livingston, 10, and Vida, 13.)

“Happy Birthday Levi Alves McConaughey,” Matthew told the camera, sporting a shaggy beard and sunglasses. Alves, wearing a black sun hat and a blue and white patterned dress, says, “Happy birthday mate, can you believe it? 15!”

“Hey mate, your mom is a little nervous today about one of the presents we’re getting you,” Matthew shared, noting that they’ve been discussing Levi joining social media for three years. . “Yes, we’re allowing you Levi, today on your 15th birthday, to join the world of social media.”

“We’ve been talking for a long time,” noted Alves, 41. “All his friends have had it for a long time and we’re holding on.”

“He knows who he is and he knows where he’s going. I think he can handle it,” Matthew continued. “He has a great story to tell and share. You get a very cool and respectful young man, and I hope you can all do your best to treat him the same. Levi, enjoy the adventure. Enjoy sharing your story, expressing yourself and what you put out there, and the exchange you get with the people out there. We love you. Happy Birthday.

“Mamma and Papai thank you!!” Levi wrote on the video from Matthew’s account.

In 2020, Matthew and Camila opened up about their parenting philosophy in an interview with City & Country. Matthew noted that “loving your children means giving them just what they want” sometimes, while “other times it means tough love”.

“Wealthy people can give their children anything they want, but they usually won’t get what they need. Loving a child is much harder if you really care about them,” McConaughey explained. “’No’ takes a lot more energy. It’s much easier to say “yes”. “

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