Federal judge rejects Tennessee drag show ban as unconstitutional

By Timothy Gardner WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A federal judge has ruled that Tennessee’s law restricting drag performances in public or in the presence of children is unconstitutional, dealing a blow to U.S. states’ efforts to regulate LGBTQ conduct. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee had signed the bill passed by the state assembly in February that sought … Read more

Can I (legally) avoid paying tax on dividends?

How can I avoid paying tax on dividends? Dividends are payments that some companies make to shareholders as a reward for investing in them. Dividends can provide regular, predictable income to investors who also retain the ability to profit from price appreciation. Dividends can benefit from favorable capital gains tax treatment if the shares are … Read more

Russia bans journalists from ‘unfriendly’ countries from participating in flagship economic rally

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said on Saturday that journalists from countries that Russia considers hostile have been banned from covering this year’s economic forum in St. Petersburg, one of the flagship events from the country. The move underscores heightened animosity between Russia and countries that have imposed sanctions related to the … Read more

At least 15 people killed in Senegal as opposition leader’s supporters clash with police

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — The number of people killed in days of clashes between Senegalese police and supporters of opposition leader Ousmane Sonko has now risen to 15, including two security agents, the government said on Saturday. . Clashes continued in pockets of the city on Friday night with protesters throwing rocks, burning cars and … Read more