What you need to know about the documents case and what’s next

Donald Trump’s indictment for mishandling classified documents at his Florida estate has drawn attention to one of the most notable cases in Justice Department history. The federal charges pose Trump’s greatest legal danger yet, less than three months after he was charged in New York with 34 counts of falsifying business records. Here’s an overview … Read more

House Republicans attack Biden and his family after viewing FBI document

WASHINGTON — House Republicans on Thursday doubled down on their attacks on President Joe Biden and his family after viewing a closed-door document that remains secret. Republicans on the House Oversight Committee emerged from a secure room on Capitol Hill, known as SCIF, after viewing Form FD-1023 brought by the FBI, and continued to accuse … Read more

Supreme Court upholds landmark suffrage law, strikes down Alabama congressional card

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down Republican-drawn congressional districts in Alabama that civil rights activists said discriminated against black voters in a surprise reaffirmation of the landmark voting rights law. The court, in a 5-4 vote, ruled against Alabama, meaning the map of the seven congressional districts, which heavily favors Republicans, will … Read more

Lawsuit in Trump documents points to possible Florida case

By Karen Freifeld and Jacqueline Thomsen (Reuters) – U.S. courthouse activity in Miami suggests federal prosecutors may bring criminal charges against former President Donald Trump in his home state of Florida, rather than in Washington. Special Counsel Jack Smith has convened grand juries in both locations to hear evidence in his investigation into whether the … Read more

Dating app influencer John McEntee to help next GOP administration staff

Hello, OnPolitics. Today, we’re featuring the dating app influencer tasked with helping the staff of the next Republican administration: John McEntee. While the 33-year-old Californian is well known for starring in video sketches that parody the political left for the conservative-only dating app The Right Stuff, McEntee served as an aide to former President Donald … Read more

NCAA made ‘big mistake’ in not implementing NIL compensation framework, new president says

WASHINGTON (AP) — NCAA President Charlie Baker said Thursday he wants federal law regulating how college athletes can be compensated for endorsement deals that create a registry of deals, certification of agents and uniform contractual standards. Baker hopes a bill can pass the House and Senate this fall, as it is unlikely to pass next … Read more

‘Why the hell are we doing this?’ McCarthy’s fractured management team faces new strain over abortion

As the Conservatives continue to rumble the House floor in protest, the Centrists are taking their turn to pressure Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Behind closed doors Wednesday, McCarthy’s No. 2 and No. 3 informed a dozen Republicans — mostly battleground members — of their plans to take up two bills next week: Rep.’s bid Andrew Clyde … Read more

Senate confirms highest-ranking Muslim in government after previous GOP blockade

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate on Thursday confirmed Dilawar Syed as deputy administrator of the Small Business Administration, ending a more than two-year delay after a blockade by Republicans in the last Congress. Syed will be the top Muslim official in the US government. Republicans on the Small Business Committee had blocked his nomination, citing … Read more