Manhunt for escaped terror suspect enters second day

The manhunt for a suspected terrorist who escaped from a London prison by clinging to the underside of a delivery struck has entered its second day.

Daniel Khalife, 21, was dressed in a chef’s uniform when he broke out of HMP Wandsworth just before 8am on Wednesday. The former British Army soldier and computer scientist had worked in the kitchens at the Category B jail.

Counter-terror police put all ports on high alert amid fears Khalife would attempt to flee the country. The 21-year-old is awaiting trial for terror and Official Secrets Act offences.

Sources claim Khalife used makeshift straps to tie himself to the underside of a grocery van which then drove him out of the prison. It was reported there was a delay of around an hour between prison officials noticing he was missing and contacting the police.

The head of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command, Commander Dominic Murphy, said there was “no reason to believe Khalife poses a threat to the wider public” but urged people not to approach him and to call 999 if they spot him.

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Normal service resumes at HMP Wandsworth

Telegraph reporter Patrick Sawer says normal service has resumed outside HMP Wandsworth as the investigation into Khalife’s escape continues.

As the morning wore on more Serco prison vans entered the jail as part of the routine process of ferrying prisoners to and from court appearances.

Nearby the wives and girlfriends of inmates waited with their children to be admitted to the prison for family visits.

Above the main gates under which Khalife carried out his audacious escape a union flag was flying, alongside the multi rainbow coloured LGBQT+ flag.

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Labour MP – I raised HMP Wandsworth staff shortages ‘many months ago’

Labour MP Rosena Allin-Khan, whose Tooting constituency includes HMP Wandsworth, has said she raised staff shortages at the category B prison “many months ago” with the Justice Secretary.

Ms Khan said she learned in December how seven members of staff worked a night shift looking after 1500 inmates.

Some staff members had also been asked to stay on for double shifts, she added.

“Undoubtedly when you have situation like this things will happen and people will make mistakes.

“And now someone is on the loose.”

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Recap: Escaped terror suspect may be trying to flee country

A suspected terrorist who escaped from prison by clinging to the underside of a delivery truck is feared to be attempting to flee the country on Wednesday night, Martin Evans, Charles Hymas and Patrick Sawer report.

A huge manhunt is under way for Daniel Abed Khalife, a former British Army soldier and computer specialist, who broke out of HMP Wandsworth just before 8am on Wednesday.

Counter-terror police put all ports on high alert amid fears Khalife would try to get out of the UK, and extra passport checks led to delays for passengers at some airports.

Ministry of Justice officials were left red faced after it emerged that Khalife – who is facing terrorism and spying charges – managed to break out of Wandsworth prison by hiding underneath a food delivery van as it left the prison grounds.

Read more here.

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Investigation under way into why Khalife was not held at maximum security prison

An investigation into why a former soldier accused of terrorism was not held in a prison with the highest security level is “under way”, Science Secretary Michelle Donelan has said.

Speaking to Times Radio on Thursday, she said that her understanding was that it was not “black and white” whether a terror suspect should be held in a category A prison, such as Belmarsh.

“So it’s my understanding it’s not as black and white about that as that,” she said. “So there is a an investigation checking that he was in the correct facility.

“It’s not as black and white, is my understanding, as to what category somebody under arrest for that those types of crimes should be in.”

Asked if Daniel Khalife had not been held in Belmarsh prison because it was full, she said it was “no secret” that prison capacity was an issue.

“In general, it’s no secret that prison capacity has been an issue, one that we are tackling,” she said. “That’s why we’re investing money to upgrade our prison estate and to increase the number of places by 20,000.”

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Good morning

The Telegraph will be providing live coverage of the manhunt for escaped prisoner Daniel Khalife as it enters its second day.

Khalife fled from HMP Wandsworth by clinging to the underside of a delivery truck in a chef’s uniform just before 8am on Wednesday.

His escape sparked huge queues at UK airports as counter-terror police placed all ports on high alerts amid fears he could attempt to flee the country.

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