Jamie Foxx gets emotional talking about medical emergency

Jamie Foxx took to social media to speak out for the first time since his

Jamie Foxx has taken to social media to speak out for the first time since his ‘medical complication’. (Photo: Joe Maher/Getty Images)

Jamie Foxx is letting fans know he’s on the road to recovery.

THE Ray The 55-year-old star took to Instagram on Saturday morning to share a video in which he opened up about the “medical complication” that led to him being hospitalized in April. Although he didn’t specify what condition forced him to see a doctor, Foxx chose to focus on his gratitude to those who carried him through the ordeal.

Alongside a caption that read “Thank you a billion everyone…it’s been a long road but all the prayers of the great people and God helped me,” Foxx went on to explain why he remained so quiet during the experience.

“I know a lot of people were waiting or wanting to hear updates, but to be honest with you, I just didn’t want you to see me as this man,” he shared, speaking directly to the camera. “I want you to see me laughing, having a good time partying, cracking a joke, doing a movie, a TV show. I didn’t want you to see me with hits running out of me and trying to figure out if I was going to make it.

Foxx credited his family’s insightful nature in the three-minute video, noting how great it was that “they kept it airtight, they didn’t let anything out, they protected me, and that’s what I hope everyone could have in times like these.”

The actor took the opportunity to dispel all the rumors that have been circulating since his first emergency, including claims that he suffered from paralysis and visual impairment.

“As you can see the eyes are working, the eyes are working very well,” he said. “I’m not paralyzed, but…I’ve been to hell and back, and my road to recovery has also had potholes. But I come back and I can work.

Foxx’s statement on Saturday was full of gratitude. Foxx thanked “many great doctors,” as well as the legions of fans and friends who shared their prayers.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who prayed, man, and messaged me. I can’t even begin to tell you how far this has taken me and how it has brought me back.

He concluded by saying that he “loves everyone and I love all the love I have,” he added. “If you see me going out from now on and every once in a while I break down in tears, it’s just because it’s been hard, man. I was sick, man. But now I have my legs under me, so you’re going to see me going out.”

What happened to Foxx?

Foxx’s condition made headlines in April, when his daughter Corinne Foxx posted a now-deleted statement on Instagram that revealed few details beyond that her father was undergoing medical treatment for an undisclosed issue.

“We wanted to share that my dad, Jamie Foxx, had a medical complication yesterday,” Corinne wrote, People reported. “Thankfully, with quick action and great care, he is already on the road to recovery. We know how much he is loved and appreciate your prayers. The family asks for privacy during this time.”

At the time, Foxx was in Atlanta filming the Netflix movie Back to action with Cameron Diaz and Glenn Close. However, the unnamed incident did not take place while Foxx was shooting, nor was he rushed to hospital in an emergency vehicle, People continued.

The following month, Yahoo Entertainment reported that Foxx was “stable” and “recovering”. Three weeks after the incident, Foxx made a small comeback on social media with a written message saying, “Appreciate all the love. I feel blessed.”

It was later reported that Foxx was recovering at a medical facility in Chicago.

Corinne also took the opportunity to denounce the false stories about the death of her father. In an Instagram Story, Corinne shared a screenshot of an article that claimed “those close to Jamie Foxx are preparing for the worst.”

Below, Corinne shared that her dad “was out of the hospital for weeks, recovering.” She also noted that he was playing pickleball the night before.

“Sad to see how wild the media is,” Corinne wrote. Thank you for everyone’s prayers and support.”

A statement from Corinne Foxx posted on her Instagram Story about her father's health.  (Instagram/Corinne Foxx)

A statement from Corinne Foxx posted on her Instagram story regarding her father’s health. (Instagram/Corinne Foxx)

The response of the Hollywood community

When Foxx’s video was released on Saturday, several celebrity friends jumped into the comments to praise the star. Will Smith noted the emotional tone of the video, sharing “Awww Man!! Who’s cutting the onions??” Reese Witherspoon shared how “happy she was to see your light shining so BRIGHT!! You are SO loved and appreciated!” Other well wishes came from stars such as Dwayne Johnson, Viola Davis, Justin Timberlake and Steve Harvey.

It was a similar situation in April after news broke of Foxx’s hospitalization when friends from the Hollywood community turned out in droves to send their best wishes.

Tiffany Haddish was one of the first stars to make a statement about her friend and the lack of news about her condition.

“What I can do is pray for him and let him know that there is nothing but love and peace here for him,” she said. People while walking the red carpet at the She Ready Foundation’s 1st Annual Prom – A Night Under the Stars. “And I just wish him all the success and the healing and all the good things. He’s probably fine. He just doesn’t want to be bothered by all of you.”

Nick Cannon, who stepped in to succeed Foxx on Defeat Shazam, even said Additional host Billy Bush that Foxx specifically asked him to take on the role. Noting that the family preferred to keep quiet about what happened, Cannon said he was “definitely one of those people initially with strong prayers…sending out positive energy and love and prayers. And they said, ‘Yo, we appreciate it all, but we got it.’

Several other stars have revealed their support for Foxx, with Queen Latifah telling People she ‘prayed hard’ for the Oscar-winning actor, with whom she appeared in the 2010 film Valentine’s Day. John Boyega revealed he caught up with Foxx on the phone, telling People that he “sent his wishes directly to her. So I’ll just wait for him to come back here. So take your time, Jamie. We love you, my brother.

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