Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis Say They Both Auditioned for the Role of Carrie in ‘Sex and the City’

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis recall how their infamous sex and the city characters appeared.

During the recent SATC 25th anniversary special And just like that… The Writers Room podcast with sequel creator Michael Patrick King, the trio open up about the audition process before the show’s 1998 debut.

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Davis, who ended up taking on the role of gallerist Charlotte York, revealed that SATC creator Darren Star first asked her to read for Carrie Bradshaw, telling her at the time, “We really wanted Sarah Jessica…[but] we don’t know if Sarah will make it, so are you going to read for Carrie? »

But Davis said in “the original script, Carrie was a lot more like Candice and she was smoking and she was swearing…and I was like, I can’t [play that character.] And I remember a line in the script that said, “Carrie has the body of Heather Locklear and the mind of Dorothy Parker.” And I was like, ‘It’s adorable, but I can’t play this role. Like what [are] you think?'”

The actress knew she was supposed to play Charlotte and just had to convince Star. She said, “I can’t even read for Carrie. I’m that other girl who’s like taken out but I get her, okay. I need to be her.

But Davis wasn’t the only one SATC star to be brought in to read for the role of Carrie at first. Nixon said, “I auditioned and they were like, ‘Yeah, not so much. “”

After being rejected, she remembers thinking, “This is a show that’s filming in New York. It never happens. There must be one of those women I could play. Couldn’t they see me for someone else?

Nixon ended up going back to reading for Miranda Hobbes and went through several auditions for the role. But she said several weeks passed after that and she never heard anything else.

While she waited, she auditioned for three more projects because she “kinda needed the money”, but didn’t land any of those roles. That’s when his agent at the time started pushing show producers, but they always said the same thing: “We love him. She is at the top of the list. We haven’t found anyone we like better, but we’re just not ready to pull the trigger.

After months, Nixon said she was about to accept a role in another project, but her agent continued to “harass” SATC leaders, even crying on the phone at one point, telling them, “You’re about to lose her.” And that’s when Nixon finally landed the role of what would become the iconic lawyer Miranda.

Parker added that before accepting the role of Carrie, she recalled the executive producers calling her and saying, “You know, we have Cynthia Nixon,” to try to convince her.

The HBO series, which followed four women as they navigated the New York dating scene and nurtured their close friendship, ran for six seasons, with Kim Cattrall portraying Samantha Jones. The show’s success also spawned two movies and two spinoffs, including Carrie’s notebooks And And just like that…, which will premiere its second season on June 22.

Last week, the stars also took to social media to celebrate the 25th anniversary of sex and the citywhich premiered on June 6, 1998.

“The chance, but the specific journey that you each are on before you get those parts that then became, I have to say, the essence of the world, you are those characters,” King added during the conversation. “There’s no denying it was you Kristin, you Sarah Jessica, you Cynthia.”

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