Call me a RINO, Libertarians. Ukraine is one of the few things Joe Biden achieves

Russian Putin must be defeated

Hugh Hewitt is right in his column “What If a Cruel and Vengeful Putin Wins in Ukraine? (July 14, 15A) The bloodshed among civilians would be incalculable. How do we know? The history of Vladimir Putin tells us.

Yes, President Joe Biden has been a disaster on most political issues. But he is especially right for Ukraine. And I will not support any Republican who wants to withdraw our support for Ukraine. For all the Libertarians who claim to be Republicans, call me a “RINO” or “Republican in name only”, as much as you like. This term has no meaning coming from you.

– Clete McAlister Arlington

Texas must work for all

As a native Texas Democrat, I understand that one thing that will hurt Texas, if it hasn’t already, is doctors and other health care providers leaving the state for the blues over abortion laws. This will continue to jeopardize our health.

I’ve lived here for over 50 years and loved growing up here, but the political climate in Texas is crazy, and I will warn Republicans that President Joe Biden lost the state in 2020 by only about 630,000 votes. This state used to be blue, and if people want a Texas that will actually work for everyone in it, it’ll be blue again – and not too far off, I hope.

-Bill McGuire, bryan

Whose wallet is it open?

Let’s be clear: student loan debt is not eliminated. It is simply transferred to those who do not owe it.

– Franck M. Wagnon, southlake

Meaning of the Super Bowl ring

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones actually gifted Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a Super Bowl ring. (July 12, 1B, “Why Clarence Thomas Has a Cowboys Super Bowl Ring”) Why? I thought the ring was for someone who helped the Cowboys win a Super Bowl.

How many other people has Jones given rings to? How can anyone expect to support a team whose owner is so disrespectful of their accomplishments?

-Cinda Alloway, Vine

The future of electricity

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas is telling everyone to cut back on electricity because of the hot weather. The federal government is telling everyone to start buying electric cars. Soon you may have to choose: charge your electric car and go to work or stay at home in the air conditioning?

-Randy Geisel, Arlington

School choice works there

I don’t understand why Democrats are against school choice when several liberal countries have it, including Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and many others. We are actually the laggards among the largest economies.

-Anne Ward, Cypress

No public money for religion

Public taxes go to public schools. All parents can choose where to educate their children. This is called private school. Sending taxpayers’ money to religious schools is a flagrant violation of the Constitution.

-Bill Moore, Houston

Resizing the prison population

The Tarrant County government is spending $18 million to house inmates who are ready to be transferred to the state in a private prison due to staffing shortages. (August 30, 2022,, “Citing staffing shortages, Tarrant County sends 432 inmates to private jail near Lubbock”)

Tarrant County must enter the 21st century. If it effectively saves prison space for “dangerous” inmates, there is no reason for a prison population to be above 75% capacity under all circumstances – even if the state does not reclaim its prisoners.

– Leslie J. Smith, Vine

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