Woman heard ‘humming’ outside bathroom window as man used drone to look inside, cops say

After coming home from work around 11 p.m., a Rhode Island woman said she headed to her bathroom to take a shower.

But while in the bathroom, she heard a “humming noise” outside the bathroom window, which was slightly open, according to the Cranston Police Department.

Thinking the sound may have come from her backyard swimming pool, she walked out late on Wednesday June 21, police said.

“Once in the garden, she noticed a drone hovering outside her bathroom window where she was preparing to shower,” according to a June 23 press release shared on Facebook. “When she approached the drone, it quickly swerved away from her and hit a tree branch and fell to the ground. She quickly grabbed the drone before it took off and submerged it in his pool to deactivate it.

The woman then called the police for help.

Two days later, investigators tracked the drone back to convicted sex offender Christopher Jones, the statement said.

Jones told police he was using the drone and he was arrested for felony video voyeurism, authorities said. In Rhode Island, police say “a person is guilty of video voyeurism when that person, for the purpose of arousal, gratification, or sexual stimulation, watches in an occupied dwelling or other building using an imaging device that provides images of the interior of a home.”

While Jones is a convicted sex offender, police said his requirement to register ended in 2015.

Cranston is part of the Providence metropolitan area.

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