Woman claims Charlotte business owner stole credit card information

A woman is warning others to be careful when using their credit and debit cards after her information was stolen and repeatedly used.

Channel 9’s Erika Jackson told the victim how she tracked down who she thinks was the culprit.

New York native Ashley Hawat said she was looking forward to the kindness and generosity of her neighbors in Charlotte.

“Certainly here you expect everyone to be super nice and definitely different from New York,” Hawat explained.

However, Hawat said red flags went up in her head when she noticed fraudulent activity on her debit card.

“I saw three charges on my account. There was a Domino’s. There was, I believe it’s called Evolution Nail Salon in Charlotte. And then there was a Disney.com store,” Hawat said.

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Hawat said she spoke with a Disney store employee who told her the order’s delivery address was the same address as a small business in Charlotte.

A business she had gone to for beauty services.

“Same building, same suite number. And I specifically remember that suite number because I was having trouble finding her suite in that building. When I made an appointment, she made me do it through their website and I had to pay a deposit of $15. I had to use my card and it was the card that was charged three times,” Hawat explained.

Hawat said she hopes her experience will warn others to be more careful.

“Just do more research if you can’t find any information. Just don’t go to them,” Hawat said.

Hawat said the bank froze his account, refunded his money and sent him a new debit card.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said a suspect has been identified in the case but no one has been arrested or charged.

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