Which Fort Worth neighborhoods had most auto thefts in April? See a map of city crimes

Neighborhoods near River Oaks, Haltom City and Sansom Park had the most reported auto thefts for the month of April, more than any other area in Fort Worth, according to city data.

There were 310 auto thefts in April out of a total of more than 4,700 reported crimes in Fort Worth.

Out of the 310 stolen cars, the neighborhoods with the most offenses were on the north side of Fort Worth, but the crimes also were scattered throughout other neighborhoods across the city.

The North Side neighborhood had 11, Diamond-Hill Jarvis and Far Greater Northside Historical each had 7, Worth Heights had 6, and Summerfields, Echo Heights, Las Familias de Rosemont and Harmony Hills each had 5 auto thefts.

The following neighborhoods had 4 auto thefts each:

  • Morningside Park

  • Carver Heights East

  • Como

  • Sunset Heights

  • Ridgmar

  • Woodhaven

The Star-Telegram’s map of city data shows all crimes reported in April and can be filtered by crime type and neighborhood.

This sortable dashboard shows the locations of over 4,500 reported crimes in Fort Worth that took place in April 2023. The dashboard displays the crimes in clusters on a map colored by the predominant type of crime in that cluster. Zoom into the map to see more detailed crime clusters. Tap a cluster for more info or to zoom into that area. You can also view crimes by type and neighborhood by tapping on the crimes or neighborhoods listed in the charts on the dashboard (only neighborhoods with crimes reported are listed).


SOURCE: The City of Fort Worth provided the data, and the city has removed cases involving juvenile-related data.

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