We test Ukrainian drones in combat – Minister of Strategic Industries

TIME magazine has published an article about the production of Ukrainian weapons and their impact on the course of the war. Oleksandr Kamyshin, Ukraine’s Minister of Strategic Industries, has described how the drones that strike targets in Russian cities are launched.

Source: TIME

Details: According to TIME, a “new phase” in the Russo-Ukrainian war began this winter. It is characterised by drone strikes on targets deep inside Russian territory.

These devices are launched in the dead of night at secret bases in Ukraine. They are closely guarded by the military, and only a few civilian engineers have access to the launch. Time states that Kamyshin also comes to look at the newest weapons on the launchpad.

Quote from Kamyshin: “We don’t have time to test these things on the firing range…We test them in combat. So we have to be there, making adjustments and improvements along the way.”

Details: TIME adds, citing Kamyshin, that all the recent strikes on targets in Russia were carried out by Ukrainian-manufactured drones.

Background: On 18 January Kamyshin reported that a Ukrainian-made drone that struck an oil depot in St Petersburg had flown 1,250 km before reaching its target.

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