Urbana resolution filed to call for end of war in Gaza and promote peace

URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — After countless hours of input from Urbana residents weighing in on the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Urbana City Council is finalizing a resolution calling for peace in the Middle Eastern region.

The Urbana City Council’s Committee of the Whole is expected to vote on a resolution calling to end the War on Gaza Monday, according to their posted agenda. This follows several meetings filled with dozens of speakers of residents speaking their viewpoints on the international conflict.

“For several weeks, members of the local community have expressed deep concern regarding the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel which has resulted in devastating loss of life and destruction of public infrastructure,” the summary of the resolution reads. “This conflict impacts the well-being of the local Muslim, Jewish, Israeli and Palestinian communities as well as other Urbana residents.”

In the resolution, the city calls for the return of all hostages on both sides, a “just and lasting peace” between Israel and Palestine and the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza. The resolution also supports the sovereignty and free elections for both Israeli and Palestinian states.

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The full resolution can be found below.


In past meetings the audience has gotten so disruptive for speakers during the public comment that the city council has warned to kick out the public.

Some members of the public at Monday’s City Council meeting advocated for the resolution to be passed.

“The Urbana City Council should pass this resolution for the sake of our shared humanity,” Terri Barnes, an Urbana resident for 10 years said. “We are all linked to this terrible conflict in some way.”

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Others believe the city passing the resolution is a futile measure, and worry it may cause further divide between opinionated residents.

“I wonder if it’s appropriate on these international issues that you speak for some of the citizens of your city, and knowingly refuse to speak or recognize or acknowledge or be concerned about the other citizens of Urbana, who very much have a different point of view,” Marc Ansel, another Urbana resident, said. “Urbana citizens are clearly divided, as are many across the country.”

More than 50 municipalities across the country have passed resolutions calling for peace or a ceasefire in Gaza including Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit and San Francisco.

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