Ukrainian drone hits FSB building in Kursk

A Ukrainian drone hit an FSB building in the city centre of Kursk, Russia, on the morning of 24 September, a source from Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence claims.

Source: source of Ukrainska Pravda in the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine

Details: According to the source of Ukrainska Pravda, the operation was carried out by Ukrainian military intelligence.

There is currently no clear information on the scale of destruction or casualties.

The governor of Kursk Oblast of the Russian Federation, Roman Starovoit, claims that  “the roof was slightly damaged” as a result of this attack.

The source of Ukrainska Pravda, in turn, noted that it was a direct hit to the building.

Background: Earlier it was reported that an unidentified drone attacked the city centre of Kursk in Russia on 24 September, its official city day, targeting an office building.

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