Ukraine’s Parliament Adopts Law on Lobbying Rules Urged by EU

(Bloomberg) — Ukraine’s parliament has adopted a new law on lobbying, a key recommendation of the European Commission ahead of the start of EU accession negotiations, according to Denys Maslov, chairman of the legal policy committee.

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The measure defines the concept of lobbying in accordance with international practices and standards, Maslov said in an emailed statement. The law must take effect no later then Jan. 1, 2025.

European Union leaders agreed to open membership talks with Ukraine in December. Ukraine was asked to meet several additional conditions related to its membership bid before the more formal negotiating framework can begin. The EU set several milestones for Kyiv to reach in areas as varied as judicial reforms and media freedoms.

“It is about the reduction of corruption and the shadowy influence of oligarchs on state management,” Maslov said of the new law. “We are introducing transparent and open rules for legal influence on Ukrainian state policy.”

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The bill also stipulates the introduction of a mandatory transparency register for people who interact with politicians and officials in their own commercial interests, according to Maslov.

Political parties, media, religious organizations and election candidates won’t be able to serve as lobbyists or promote their interests through lobbyists.

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