UK promises to stand by Ukraine regardless of US election results

The UK will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine regardless of the outcome of next year’s US elections.

Source: Grant Shapps, UK Secretary of Defence, in an interview with the BBC, reported by CNN

Details: When asked what the UK would do if a Republican was elected president and decided to cut off US support for Ukraine, Shapps said that London’s support for Kyiv was “watertight” and called the question speculative.

Quote: “That’s a while down the line before we see what happens in the Republican election, but we will carry on standing shoulder to shoulder with our friends in Ukraine.”

More details: He agreed with the words of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that, in fact, the Americans see that it is in their interests and in the interests of the world that Ukraine remains a democratic country.

Quote: “We know what happens when we allow a tyrant to invade a neighbor and then continue westward. And it’s absolutely essential that Putin is unable to walk into a democratic neighbor without consequences. And that is why Britain has stood firm and we will continue to do so.”


  • Earlier, Donald Trump, former US President and the most popular potential Republican candidate in the 2024 elections, said he was pleased with the positive assessment of his intentions to resolve Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

  • Before that, Trump had evaded the question of whether he wanted Ukraine to win and refused to call Putin a war criminal.

  • He also said that the United States was providing Ukraine with too many weapons.

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