Tyson Fury goes off on ‘bald-headed midget’ Joe Rogan for saying Jon Jones would beat him in a fight

Tyson Fury went off on UFC commentator Joe Rogan, and he didn’t hold back.

The boxing heavyweight champion took to Instagram to blast Rogan over his recent comments, saying that UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones would beat up Fury if they were locked in a room. Rogan said he wouldn’t give Fury “a f*cking chance in hell” of winning.

“I heard Joe Rogan say something about me, I’ve been off all the social medias and didn’t reply to that little p*ssy, little f*cking midget, bald-headed midget,” Fury said on his Instagram stories. “I heard him say that Jon Jones could f*ck me up if we were in a room together. I don’t think so.

“Not a man born from a mother could f*ck me up, in a room, on our own. Whatever happens in that room, I’d be walking out. Not a f*cking problem.”


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Rogan’s comments were made about a month ago speaking with fellow comedian Andrew Schulz on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

“If Jon Jones and Tyson Fury are locked into a room, I’m pushing all of my chips on black,” Rogan said laughing. “Let me tell you something, Tyson Fury is an amazing boxer, (but) he doesn’t have a f*cking chance in hell of making it out of that room. He has no chance of making it out of that room. Zero chance. He would have to catch Jon immediately with one punch, and I just don’t see that happening, man.”

Despite being in a different sport, Fury has long been linked with the MMA world.

In recent years, he’s teased a potential boxing match with former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, who’s now with PFL, putting him in the middle of many headlines in the MMA world. He’s also posted videos of training MMA striking with former UFC title challenger Darren Till.

Fury is coming off a December win over Derek Chisora, where he retained his WBC heavyweight title. He has yet to be booked for a return.

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