“Titan didn’t perform well on my dive”

“Expedition Unknown” host Josh Gates considered devoting an episode of his Discovery Plus docuseries to the mysteries of the sunken Titanic, but after trying out OceanGate’s Titan submarine, he decided to pass.

As the search for the five people in the company’s tiny submersible entered its fourth day, oxygen and hope running out, Gates tweeted: “I had the unique opportunity to dive into the @ Oceangate
#Titan sub with Stockton at the helm in preparation for his first mission on the Titanic.

He continued: “To those who ask, #Titan didn’t perform well on my dive. Ultimately, I walked away from a huge opportunity to film Titanic due to my safety issues with the @OceanGate platform. There’s more to Titan’s story and design that hasn’t been made public – much of it is concerning.

Gates also shared his hopes that his friend Hamish Harding, the billionaire adventurer, and the other passengers would be found alive. “I pray for a successful outcome to the rescue efforts for those on board, including @ExplorersClub member Hamish Harding.”

While much of the discourse on social media and on television showed measured sympathy for the billionaires who paid $250,000 each to risk their lives, Gates wrote, “To those who wonder why people would dive on the Titanic: the ship has fascinated the world since the night it sank. It’s a time capsule to another era in our history. It takes courage to make a journey like this. Admiration and prayers for passengers aboard OceanGate Titan.

Gates’ production office did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

In Wednesday night’s new episode of “Expedition Unknown,” now in its 11th season, Gates and his team search for two World War I ships that “disappeared without a trace” in Lake Superior.

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