They want to go west

Alexander Lukashenko, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, said fighters from the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) were “stressing” him because they wanted to attack Poland.

Source: Lukashenko during a meeting with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in Saint Petersburg, quoted by his press service

Quote from Lukashenko“Wagner’s mercenaries started stressing us out – they want to go west saying, ‘Let’s go on a trip to Warsaw and Rzeszów!'”

Details: At the same time, Putin said he could see Ukraine’s counteroffensive, but “it failed”.

Their meeting should last two days.

Lukashenko also said the so-called “dismemberment of Ukraine” was unacceptable to him.

Update: Media reported that Lukashenko brought a map to the meeting with Putin showing the transfer of Polish troops to the NATO member state’s borders, one brigade at a time, not far from Brest and Grodno in Belarus.

For reference: Last time, Lukashenko showed a map of Ukraine’s alleged attack “from four positions”, and it became a meme.

Background: The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine says there were around 5,000 Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group in Belarus as of July 22.

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