The Hague, not ‘the hang’, Ukraine wants to prosecute Putin, not ‘eliminate’ him – UA intelligence

A mural depicting Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in Cologne, Germany

A mural depicting Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in Cologne, Germany

Ukraine has a conditional list of people “whom it wants to eliminate,” including Putin and Wagner PMC owner Yevgeny Prigozhin, German newspaper Welt previously reported, referring to an interview with Ukrainian Main Directorate of Intelligence representative Vadym Skibitskyi.

“I understand that there are media people…who pick up and prepare the ‘hottest’ facts,” Yusov said.

“But originally it was somewhat different.”The official emphasized that Putin and his henchmen are war criminals, and the Kremlin head is indeed “target No. 1,” but in terms of detention and delivery to the tribunal in The Hague.“Ukraine is a civilized state and is acting in civilized ways,” he said.

“To spend some extra effort now to physically eliminate a person who looks like Putin… we can talk about it for a long time, but this is a matter of expediency.”

Yusov reiterated that the Russian dictator should be arrested as a war criminal and brought to the tribunal for fair punishment.

“The Hague is inevitable for Putin,” he said.

“And in this situation, it’s even better that he is alive at this tribunal.”

The Hague-based International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants on March 17 for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and his “children’s rights ombudsman,” Maria Lvova-Belova. They are both wanted for the forcible abduction of children from Ukraine to Russia.

The dictator can be arrested on the territory of the 123 countries that have ratified the Rome Statute.

Ukraine believes that the creation of a special tribunal is the only possibility to bring Russia’s top political and military leadership to justice for the crime of aggression against Ukraine.

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