The Freedom Legion of Russia proposes that residents of Russia’s Belgorod Oblast be evacuated to Ukraine

The Russian Freedom Legion reported the establishment of a humanitarian corridor for Russians inside Ukraine, reportedly coordinated with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Source: The Freedom Legion of Russia on Telegram

Quote: “Putin’s army continues its chaotic bombardment of Belgorod Oblast. The enemy is trying to hit our forces, at least somehow, shelling settlements regardless of civilian casualties…

Given the threat hanging over the civilian population, we have agreed with the Ukrainian command to open humanitarian corridors for the inhabitants of Belgorod who are victims of the bombardments of the regime forces.

Therefore, all persons in need of assistance can be evacuated to the interior of Ukraine on a voluntary basis for shelter and all necessary basic needs.

For this to happen, you need to approach the representatives of the Freedom Legion of Russia or the Russian Volunteer Corps and apply for asylum.”

Details: Resistance forces said Putin’s army carried out artillery strikes on the settlements of Shebekyne, Nova Tavolzhanka, Murom and others on the morning of June 3. They posted a video of the attack on the village of Murom.

Background: On May 22, the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Legion for the Freedom of Russia, whose fighters claim to be fighting alongside Ukraine, announced the “liberation” of several settlements in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast from the rule of Cheese fries.

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