The four young people’s allegations about the BBC presenter

A television camera focused on the headquarters of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in London, Britain, July 11, 2023

A television camera pointed at the headquarters of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in London, Britain, July 11, 2023 – Shuttershock

There are allegations involving four young people against an unnamed BBC presenter at the center of a sex scandal.

The Sun originally published claims from the parents of a worried youngster who said a household name had paid their vulnerable child thousands of pounds for explicit photos.

A lawyer for the youngster has since said it was ‘rubbish’ and insisted nothing illegal happened.

In the days that followed, three other young people came forward to the press to make allegations about the presenter, who has not been named.

1. ‘Vulnerable’ teenager used BBC presenter’s money to fund crack addiction, parents say

On Saturday July 8, The Sun published an anonymous interview with the mother and stepfather of a seemingly vulnerable youngster who had exchanged messages with an anonymous BBC presenter.

The parents alleged their child was 17 at the start of the relationship and had been paid £35,000 over a three-year period for explicit images.

But on Monday, a lawyer acting on behalf of the youngster denied the claims.

2. Youngster ‘felt threatened’ by presenter at center of scandal

A second person, thought to be in their 20s, told BBC News they got in touch with the anonymous presenter through a dating app.

At the time, they didn’t know who he was.

The youngster said he felt compelled to meet him, but never did.

When they suggested online that they had contact with the presenter and could name him, he allegedly sent them abusive messages.

The BBC claimed to have “seen and verified” the cat.

3. BBC presenter ‘broke Covid lockdown rules’ to meet estranged youngster

A third youngster has come forward to claim in The Sun that the BBC presenter allegedly broke lockdown rules to meet him.

It has been claimed that a 23-year-old traveled through London to another county to meet them at their flat in February 2021 after first meeting on a dating site the year before.

It has also been claimed that on the day of the alleged hour-long meeting, in which the anonymous presenter and the 23-year-old ‘just chatted’, the presenter declared a gift of £250 to a PayPal account.

The Sun says two further payments of £200 and £250 were made afterwards.

4. An unnamed presenter allegedly sent Instagram messages to another teenager

A fourth youngster claims to have been contacted on Instagram by the anonymous presenter, who sent love hearts and ‘x’ kisses, according to The Sun.

The anonymous fourth person – who said he was 17 at the time – called the posts “scary”, “looking back now”.

They said they were “taken aback” by sending a love heart emoji.

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