Texas to travel to Texas A&M, Alabama to visit Oklahoma

Each current SEC team will play either Texas or Oklahoma in either school’s first football season in the league.

The SEC announced the slate of conference opponents for each team Wednesday night ahead of the league’s expansion to 16 teams with the arrival of OU and UT in 2024. The SEC schedule will remain at eight games for each team after the conference could not come to consensus on adding a ninth game at its spring meetings.

The league’s split format will phase out in 2024 and the league said opponents were determined through “traditional opponents and balance of overall schedule strength”. This means Alabama will still play Auburn and Tennessee while Georgia will play Florida and Auburn as they usually do.

Oklahoma will host Alabama while having South Carolina and Tennessee at home while facing Texas in the Cotton Bowl. The Sooners will travel to Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss and former Big 12 partner Missouri.

Texas adversaries include reviving rivalry with Texas A&M. The Longhorns will visit Kyle Field in 2024 and also travel to Vanderbilt and Arkansas. The Longhorns will host Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Mississippi State.

Georgia’s schedule includes a road trip to Alabama in what looks to be the game of the season. The Bulldogs and Crimson Tide last faced off in the regular season in 2020 when Georgia traveled to Tuscaloosa.

The Crimson Tide also plays at LSU as the Tigers draw Oklahoma and Alabama at home.

  • Alabama: Auburn (H), Georgia (H), Missouri (H), South Carolina (H), LSU (A), Oklahoma (A), Tennessee (A), Vanderbilt (A)

  • Arkansas: LSU (H), Ole Miss (H), Tennesse (H), Texas (H), Auburn (A), Mississippi State (A), Missouri (A), Texas A&M (A*)

  • Auburn: Arkansas (H), Oklahoma (H), Texas A&M (H), Vanderbilt (H), Alabama (A), Georgia (A), Kentucky (A), Missouri (A)

  • Florida: Kentucky (H), LSU (H), Ole Miss (H), Texas A&M (H), Georgia (A*), Mississippi State (A), Tennessee (A), Texas (A)

  • Georgia: Auburn (H), Florida (H*), Mississippi State (H), Tennessee (H), Alabama (A), Kentucky (A), Ole Miss (A), Texas (A)

  • Kentucky: Auburn (H), Georgia (H), South Carolina (H), Vanderbilt (H), Florida (A), Ole Miss (A), Tennessee (A), Texas (A)

  • USL: Alabama (H), Oklahoma (H), Ole Miss (H), Vanderbilt (H), Arkansas (A), Florida (A), South Carolina (A), Texas A&M (A)

  • State of Mississippi: Arkansas (H), Florida (H), Missouri (H), Texas A&M (H), Georgia (A), Ole Miss (A), Tennessee (A), Texas (A)

  • Missouri: Arkansas (H), Auburn (H), Oklahoma (H), Vanderbilt (H), Alabama (A), Mississippi State (A), South Carolina (A), Texas A&M (A)

  • Oklahoma: Alabama (H), South Carolina (H), Tennessee (H), Texas (H*), Auburn (A), LSU (A), Ole Miss (A), Missouri

  • Oh Miss: Georgia (H), Kentucky (H), Mississippi State (H), Oklahoma (H), Arkansas (A), Florida (A), LSU (A), South Carolina (A)

  • Caroline from the south: LSU (H), Ole Miss (H), Missouri (H), Texas A&M (H), Alabama (A), Kentucky (A), Oklahoma (A), Vanderbilt (A)

  • Tennessee: Alabama (H), Florida (H), Kentucky (H), Mississippi State (H), Arkansas (A), Georgia (A), Oklahoma (A), Vanderbilt (A)

  • Texas: Florida (H), Georgia (H), Kentucky (H), Mississippi State (H), Arkansas (A), Oklahoma (A*), Texas A&M (A), Vanderbilt

  • Texas A&M: Arkansas (H*), LSU (H), Missouri (H), Texas (H), Auburn (A), Florida (A), Mississippi State (A), South Carolina (A)

  • Vanderbilt: Alabama (H), South Carolina (H), Tennessee (H), Texas (H), Auburn (A), Kentucky (A), LSU (A), Missouri (A)

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