Texas Senator Angela Paxton barred from voting in her husband’s impeachment trial

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas State Senator Angela Paxton, the wife of Attorney General Ken Paxton, will not be allowed to vote in the impeachment trial that could lead to her husband’s permanent removal from office. decided on Wednesday the Senate under the rules of historical procedure.

The decision settles a question that has hung over the Texas Capitol since Ken Paxton last month became the third sitting official to be impeached in nearly 200 years of Texas history.

Angela Paxton, a Republican, has not previously said whether she would recuse herself from voting in the trial where her husband of over 30 years will face charges of abuse of power and accepting bribes.

The trial is due to begin on September 5.

Angela Paxton has not publicly commented on the charges against her husband, who is also under investigation by the FBI and has attacked the impeachment as an attempt to rob Texas voters who elected him to a third term l ‘last year.

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