Take A Tour Of Vladimir Putin’s $100M Superyacht

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is still going on. While countless people lose their lives, Russian President Vladimir Putin chills in luxury in one of the many ultra-luxurious Russian superyachts. While most of them, especially ones owned by Putin, have been shrouded in mystery, Business Insider reports a new investigation done by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his team sheds some light on details of one of Putin’s superyachts called Graceful.

Screenshot: Алексей Навальный YouTube

Screenshot: Алексей Навальный YouTube

The yacht is rumored to be worth more than $100 million and is just as lavish and over the top as you’d expect. Details for the yacht show features like a huge indoor swimming pool that converts into a dance floor, a dining room with seating for a dozen people, and even a sauna.

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The report sums up just how sinful having something like this is while Russia is at war.

Half of the country is forced to raise money for underwear and socks for mobilized soldiers and to make trench candles, while the person who unleashed this war spends three billion roubles just on repairs and purchases for his yacht.

You can read more of the report on Navalny.

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