Six Ukrainians among those injured by car that crashed into crowd in Poland

Six Ukrainian citizens were injured after a car drove into a crowd of pedestrians on March 1 in Szczecin, Poland, Ukrinform reported.

The Ukrainians injured in the incident included four women, an adult male, and a 5-year-old boy, Oleksandr Plodystyi, the Ukrainian consul in Gdansk, told Ukrinform.

One Ukrainian woman had been in critical condition and stabilized, while her 5-year-old son had a concussion, and that the lives of the Ukrainians were no longer in danger, according to Ukrinform.

A total of 20 people were injured when the car hit a group of pedestrians at a busy intersection during rush hour.

Plodystyi told Ukrinform that the boy and his mother would remain in the hospital for another two or three days.

Police deputy superintendent Marek Jaszczan told reporters that the driver was a 33-year-old Polish Szczecin resident, AFP reported on March 1.

Jaszczan also stated that local law enforcement are currently working to determine a motive behind the driver’s decision to drive through the crowd at high speed.

The driver fled the scene in his vehicle before being detained by police. He has been charged with multiple attempts of murder, according to Ukrinform.

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