“She is full of surprises”

A very important (and very fluffy) hero returns to the screen in Wonders.

The next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie will see the return of Goose, the fuzzy feline flerken adopted by Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. At first, Carol assumes that Goose (named after the iconic Superior gun pilot) is a normal Terran cat, only to find out that she is actually a flerken, a man-eating alien with Lovecraftian tentacles hidden under all that orange fur.

Executive producer Mary Livanos remains tight-lipped about Goose’s exact role in Wondersbut she teases, “Goose is her own person. She’s full of surprises, and she certainly has a lot in store during this story.”

Goose the flerken in "Wonders"

Goose the flerken in ‘The Wonders’

Laura Radford/Marvel Studios Goose the flerken in ‘The Wonders’

Plus, Goose — who’s primarily played by two cats named Nemo and Tango — isn’t the film’s only four-legged star. The trailer also revealed a whole cascade of kittens – or could they be flerkens? “The crew was thrilled whenever the kittens were around,” Livanos says. “It was like Christmas when we had our biggest kitten scenes. Everyone had their favorite.”

Unfortunately, a few actors had to keep their distance from the feline talent. Larson herself is very allergic, which means all of Carol’s scenes with Goose are CGI. Speaking to EW for a recent cover story on Wonders, Larson jokes that the complicated stunts and elaborate fight scenes don’t scare him, but the orange cat fur does.

“I’m still allergic,” the actress said sadly in an interview before the SAG-AFTRA strike began. “I hope that changes. But until it does, a big chunk of CGI’s budget goes to me and the cat.”

Wonders is in theaters November 10. To know more, read EW’s full coverage of the film.

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