Seychelles Media Guide

Locals shop at farmers' shops.  market in victoria

Locals shop at the Victoria Farmers Market

Media pluralism, diversity of opinion and the ability to address major issues have developed in the Seychellois media over the past decade.

Since the introduction of multipartyism, the practice of self-censorship has slowly dissipated. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) says the state media no longer shy away from criticizing the government or reporting on corruption.

In October 2021, the National Assembly decriminalized defamation.

BBC World Service (106.2 MHz) and Radio France Internationale are available on FM.

There were 71,000 Internet users in December 2021, or 72% of the population (

  • SBC TV – state-run, operated by Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC)

  • TéléSesel – launched in 2017, is the only private network in the country

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