SEC programming proposals, what Nick Saban wants and which state is the laziest?

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SI’s Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde & Ross Dellenger break down all the latest developments happening right now at this year’s SEC meetings.

The SEC faces a big proposal to add another conference game to each team’s schedule, which would change the dynamics of the conference. The newly proposed 9-team format is controversial due to the permanent matches each team will have. The change in program strength has coaches like Nick Saban unhappy with the strength of the schedule. Plus, the weight of another SEC game could favor a 3-lost team making the playoffs in the future if the three losses are close and respectable.

Other topics discussed at SEC meetings include new NIL sanctions, the sports betting industry, and increased payment for an extra conference game.

Next, the guys discuss more information regarding the gambling scandal resulting from a bettor placing a large bet on an Alabama-LSU baseball.

A new study has ranked the laziest states in America, so the podcast places their votes for which one is the best dog. The strong representation of SEC states in the rankings is off-putting given the high rate of fan shenanigans during the offseason.

A University of Oregon golfer suffered a very bizarre injury during college championships and had to be taken out of the tournament after stepping off a tee.

The updated list of non-NCAA championships is released and the show reacts to the winners of cornhole, forensics, ballroom dancing and more.

The Big 12 are also hosting their annual reunion this week with a feverish desire to expand. Their options are narrowed down to a group of Pac-12 schools and a group of basketball powerhouses.

Finally, in weird news, a man in India emptied a dam to retrieve his phone and two Wendy’s customers in Ohio were upset about the lack of cheese.

1:00 Should the SEC play 8 or 9 conference games

4:04 PM What does Nick Saban expect from SEC meetings?

22:27 Gambling and NIL topics discussed at SEC meetings

28:11 The laziest states in America

30:57 There’s a new layer to the college baseball game scandal

35:27 Oregon golfer injured in college tournament

39:15 The Big-12 meet this week about their realignment

47:25 Non-NCAA National Championships Updated

53:12 Man in India used destructive means to recover phone

55:57 55:20 Two people arrested after Wendy robbed over cheese

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SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey speaks at a press conference Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey speaks at a press conference Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

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