Sarah Jessica Parker and EP Break Down Aidan’s Return — Do He and Carrie Have a Future?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Thursday’s And Just Like That…

Even after many years apart, an old flame can still reignite, we learned on And Just Like That… this week.

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John Corbett reprised his Sex and the City role as Carrie’s ex Aidan Shaw in Thursday’s episode, and he and Carrie reunited for a romantic dinner (on Valentine’s Day!) where they realized they’re both single again. So do they still have that old chemistry? “I think there’s a spark there, still,” Sarah Jessica Parker tells TVLine in the video above, adding: “I think they think they have things to work through. When relationships have been complicated but you still have affection, there’s every opportunity to be better this time.”

But they’re still lugging around a lot of baggage from their past together, too, as we were reminded when Aidan refused to follow Carrie up to her old apartment because it held too many bad memories. “Are there obstacles? Perhaps,” Parker concedes. “Are there really strong feelings? Absolutely. Is there an opportunity for them to explore those feelings? For sure.”

The writers didn’t want to just do a rehash of Carrie and Aidan’s old relationship where she broke his heart, executive producer Michael Patrick King says: “As soon as people heard that Aidan was coming back, the first thing they said was, ‘Oh, she’s going to do that to him again?’” But that scene where Aidan hesitates on Carrie’s stoop “is there for a reason… to show that he has an awareness of what happened in the past and he’s not willing to repeat it.”

Aidan didn’t let the past stop him, though: He invited Carrie to a hotel instead so they could keep the romance going. So they may be turning a new page… but “they’re still Carrie and Aidan,” King emphasizes with a laugh, hinting that “stuff’s going to happen. Very Carrie and Aidan stuff.”

Note: This interview took place before SAG-AFTRA officially announced a strike on July 13.

Do you think Carrie and Aidan can make it work this time? Grab a cocktail and join us in the comments.  

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