Russians focus on when war ends – poll

The primary question Russians want to pose to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin during the “Direct Line” event is when and how its full-scale war against Ukraine will end, according to a recent survey by the Levada Center, independent Russian news outlet The Moscow Times reported on Dec. 6.

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“Direct Line” is an annual televised question-and-answer event, where Russian dictator Vladimir Putin stages taking questions from the Russian populace – though these questions are pre-screened and pre-selected. Russian citizens are encouraged to submit their own questions to the dictator for the event.

According to the Levada survey, around 21% of Russians are eager to know when the war will end, with various formulations such as “When will there be peace?” “When will we win?” “What is being done to end this operation?” and “When will the mobilization end?”

The question about the war’s end significantly leads others in priority.

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Among other concerns, 8% of Russians wish to inquire about pensions and their amounts, as well as when retirees will “live well.” An additional 8% are interested in social programs, unaffordable housing, poor healthcare, and education.

Meanwhile, 7% of Russian citizens would like to ask about low wages and improving the standard of living. Another 6% are interested in when Putin will step down from power and how he envisions Russia’s future.

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Concerns about the future of the Russian economy and development worry only 3% of Russians, while 2% are curious about addressing local issues. An equal number of respondents are troubled by foreign policy, migrants, and corruption.

Notably, 10% of Russians have no desire to ask the leader anything and will not watch “Direct Line,” while 20% could not formulate any questions.

Putin is scheduled to conduct 2023’s “Direct Line”, accompanied by a press conference, on Dec. 14. “Direct Line” has been held annually since 2001, with exceptions in 2004, 2012, and 2020.

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