Russian Shahed drones contain parts made by Ukraine’s allies

Parts produced by Ukraine’s allies have been found in Iranian-made Shahed drones that Russian forces are using to launch deadly attacks on Ukrainian towns far from the battlefield, National Security Council secretary says and defense, Oleksiy Danilov, on June 3.

Speaking on TV, Danilov said Ukraine had dismantled the Shahed drones and “found parts in them that are not produced in Iran or Russia.”

Danilov suggested that these parts – without giving further details on their origin or what they are – could have been delivered to Russia before its large-scale invasion of Ukraine, since the drones were mainly produced in 2019- 2021.

But the official stressed that it was vital to examine how Western spare parts that Moscow might use for drones end up in Russia or Iran despite sanctions.

Danilov’s comments come as more media reports that Russian Shahed drones contain components made in Western countries.

CNN reported last April, citing a UK-based Conflict Armament Research (CAR) analysis investigating weapons components, that the Shaheds Iran is selling to Russia are “powered by an engine based on German technology – technology illegally acquired by Iran almost 20 years ago”. There is.”

The report says the conclusion was reached by examining the components found in Ukraine.

Over the past few weeks, Russian forces have stepped up drone attacks and airstrikes on the capital kyiv.

The latest Russian drone attack on Kiev involving Shaheds took place on the night of June 1, the air force and local authorities said, but they were all shot down by Ukrainian air defenses.

The Ukrainian army has said that Russia uses cheaper and more durable drones to distract air defense, hoping to clear the way for missiles, as well as to find the location of air defense systems.

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