Ron DeSantis unveils the border plan. Is that enough to beat Trump?

Hi, OnPolitics readers. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is stepping up his rhetoric in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

While unveiling his border security plan, DeSantis stepped up his criticism of former President Donald Trump, who remains the GOP frontrunner.

A knock on Trump: DeSantis appeared to criticize Trump during a speech in South Texas, saying leaders of “both parties” always “tweet” about border issues, but “never get the job done.”

DeSantis Immigration Program: While Florida’s governor agrees with Trump on many immigration policies, including ending birthright citizenship, he’s also offered things he thinks Trump didn’t do. .

DeSantis included completing the border wall with Mexico and more aggressive action against drug cartels in his policy plan.

The bottom line: Before DeSantis can run against President Joe Biden, he must nab Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

As DeSantis delivered his border speech this morning, the Real Clear Politics website’s polling average puts DeSantis at 21.5% among potential Republican voters, well behind Trump at 52.1%.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: DeSantis Immigration Plan: End Birthright Citizenship, Full Wall

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