Rock band Royal Blood shake off crowds and walk off stage at BBC Music Festival: ‘It was so pathetic’

British rock band Royal Blood had a commoner-worthy reception at one of the UK’s major music festivals – and the duo’s frontman wasn’t happy about it.

Mike Kerr, lead singer of Royal Blood, appeared to grow frustrated with the audience during BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend event as he stopped to address the crowd during the two-person set on Sunday.

“I guess I should introduce ourselves, since no one really knows who we are. We’re called Royal Blood, and it’s rock music. Who likes rock music?” he asked, and responded with disappointment as the “nine people” clapped.

“We have to applaud each other because it was so pathetic,” he continued before waving someone off stage. “You are going to applaud us. You are busy. Can you clap? Yes, even he applauds, what does that say about you?

Royal Blood singer Mike Kerr

Royal Blood singer Mike Kerr

Mark Horton/Getty Royal Blood singer Mike Kerr

Later, Kerr took off his guitar and put it on stage before flipping his two middle fingers over his shoulder towards the crowd and leaving the stage.

The display did not go down well within the music community, with “Shark in the Water” singer VV Brown tweeting his displeasure with the band’s behavior.

“Rule number 1 for artists – Never have the right. Whether you play in front of a crowd that knows every song or a crowd that doesn’t give away who you are – just play and keep moving,” she wrote on Twitter. “Your [sic] doesn’t cure cancer buddy.”

The official Twitter account of the English group Lottery Winners also posted a message criticizing Royal Blood’s actions: “Man some gigs are tough and you have to win over the audience but that’s exactly how NOT to react,” the band tweeted. “Very disappointed with Royal Blood here. No matter what level you reach, you are never better than the audience.”

EW has reached out to representatives for Royal Blood for comment.

Since 2014, Royal Blood have had three UK No. 1 albums, although they haven’t scored a song on the region’s top singles chart since 2020’s “Typhoons”.

BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend event also featured performances from Zara Larsson, Niall Horan, Jess Glynne, Jonas Brothers, The 1975, Jared Leto’s 30 Seconds to Mars and RAYE, among others.

Watch the Royal Blood storm off stage in the video above.

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