Results tonight after controversial low blow and knockout

Oleksandr Usyk retained the unified heavyweight titles against Daniel Dubois on Saturday, in a hugely controversial fight in Poland.

Usyk dropped Dubois at the end of the eighth round and did the same in the ninth, with referee Luis Pabon waving off the bout after the second knockdown. However, many viewers felt that Dubois was denied a genuine knockout win in the fifth round. Ukrainian Usyk crumpled to the mat after a right hook to the body by Dubois, with the punch appearing to land right on the belt line. But Pabon ruled it an illegal shot, suggesting it was a low blow.

Rules dictate that a fighter is allowed five minutes to recover from such a punch, and Usyk, 36, used four of them before resuming the main event in Wroclaw’s Tarczynski Arena. Usyk even told Pabon that he was ready to continue, but the referee urged the southpaw to take more time.

In the following rounds, Usyk turned the screw, fighting well behind his jab and increasingly crafting combinations that troubled Dubois, 25. The Briton then hit the mat after a flurry of straight shots from Usyk at the end of the eighth round, before going down again due to a short punch in the ninth. Although Dubois made it back to his feet, Pabon waved off the fight.

Re-live updates from Usyk vs Dubois and all undercard fights, below.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

  • Oleksandr Usyk drops Daniel Dubois in eighth round and seals TKO in ninth

  • Usyk takes four-minute break in Round 5 after ‘low blow’ body shot that looked legal

  • Ukrainian retains unified heavyweight titles with win over Briton in Poland

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

23:45 , Alex Pattle

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

23:43 , Alex Pattle

Here’s our main-event report from tonight’s controversial fight:

Major controversy as Oleksandr Usyk beats Daniel Dubois after ‘low blow’ body shot

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

23:31 , Alex Pattle

Usyk is asked about Dubois’s power: “No, only my b***s [felt it].”

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

23:29 , Alex Pattle

Usyk is on the mic, speaking the best English I’ve ever heard him speak.

He pays tribute to the Ukrainian people and army.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

23:27 , Alex Pattle

Usyk with some kind words to Dubois, telling him that he’s young and that this is boxing.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

23:25 , Alex Pattle

Oleksandr Usyk def. Daniel Dubois via ninth-round KO (1:48).

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

23:18 , Alex Pattle

Round 9

Dubois thumps a right hook into the body of Usyk. The Ukrainian looks to the referee for help.

Usyk backs up Dubois, who then comes out swinging. Usyk with a decent left hook, though.

Dubois with a left hook to the body. Pawing jab by Usyk now.

Hard right hook to the chest of Usyk, who comes back with a short hook.

OH! Another knockdown! A short shot puts Dubois down on a knee!

He stands back up, but the referee waves it off!!

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

23:15 , Alex Pattle

Round 8

Usyk eats a right hand. Dubois lets go again, this time to the body.

Quickfire left cross from Usyk now. Again he starts to put together punches, as the crowd gets excited.

A right hook is off the mark from Usyk. Both fighters slip, before Usyk lands three straight punches! Down goes Dubois!!!

He beats the referee’s count, just in time for the bell!

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

23:12 , Alex Pattle

Usyk took four minutes to recover from the alleged low blow, which seemed to land on the belt line (Getty Images)

Usyk took four minutes to recover from the alleged low blow, which seemed to land on the belt line (Getty Images)

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

23:11 , Alex Pattle

Round 7

Now Usyk targets the body of Dubois, who responds in kind.

Usyk with a clubbing left hook around Dubois’s guard.

Usyk starts to put together combinations now, before going after the Briton with winging hooks that miss!

Dubois with a right cross to the body, trying to deter the champion, who ends the round with a great pair of left hooks.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

23:09 , Alex Pattle

I still can’t get over Round 5. Was Dubois denied a genuine body-shot KO?

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

23:07 , Alex Pattle

Round 6

Usyk is turning the screw now! He’s flicking out the jab with increasing frequency, and backing Dubois up to the ropes.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

23:03 , Alex Pattle

Round 5

We’re back under way. Dubois immediately goes for the body again. And again.

And AGAIN. This is the right tactic from Dubois. That earlier shot might have been legal, you know… Only Usyk knows for sure.

Dubois goes to the body with the right hand, then targets the head with his left.

Usyk gets back behind the jab. Now a hard cross by Usyk!

There are a couple of shots after the bell – one from each man.

The more you see the replay, the more it seems Dubois’s shot was legal. Has he just been robbed of a KO win?

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:58 , Alex Pattle

Round 5

Usyk finally stands, but it’s been a good minute or more since the punch. Usyk is wisely taking his time; he’s allowed five minutes.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:57 , Alex Pattle

Round 5

Usyk immediately lands a jab as the fifth round begins.

OH!!! Usyk hits the deck after a right hook to the body, but the referee rules it a low blow! There are boos around the stadium, and the referee tells Usyk to take his time.

It appeared to be on the belt line.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:55 , Alex Pattle

Round 4

Usyk covers up to block against Dubois, before circling away then landing a stinging jab.

Another jab snaps back Dubois’s head. Now a cross lands for Usyk, and a pawing lead hook.

Another cross is there for Usyk, as the crowd chants his name. A short right hand seems to stagger Usyk just a little bit, while the southpaw is throwing a jab!

A left hook misses for Dubois, then he eats a jab.

The rain seems to be making the canvas a bit slippery… You can even hear the squeaks of the fighters’ shoes.

More jabs land for Usyk.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:52 , Alex Pattle

Round 3

Dubois just about lands a right cross. Usyk is on point with the jab again. Dubois with a step-in cross to the chest.

Usyk tries for a hook, but he overextends. He makes amends with a nice jab, though. Usyk slips, but he soon regains his balance.

Dubois is warned to aim a little higher, after a body shot goes below the belt. Dubois backs up the champion but can’t find the mark with an uppercut.

Usyk with a good spell here, increasing the output of his jab while switching targets back and forth, too.

Dubois puts together a decent one-two. Both men miss while swinging with bad intentions.

“Much better,” says Don Charles emphatically in Dubois’s corner.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:47 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

Dubois lets go with a right hand and a left, but neither is quite on the mark. He lands a decent left hook to the body, though, a few moments later.

“U-syk” is the chant from the crowd. Usyk with a good left hand, then Dubois just misses with a fierce overhand!

Usyk parries a cross. Now a rapid left straight from the Ukrainian! That was so quick. Dubois is struggling with the champion’s timing so far.

Usyk covers up to block a straight shot, then he absorbs a left hook from Dubois.

Dubois with a crisp uppercut while pivoting away! Lovely work from the challenger.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:43 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Usyk stands southpaw as usual, while Dubois is orthodox.

Lots of feints from both men. Usyk lands a couple of jabs early, while Dubois misses with a leaping effort of his own.

Usyk comes forward, and Dubois looks to deter him with jabs, but the champion is evading with subtle head movement.

Dubois tries a cross to the body. Lovely footwork from Usyk to set up a clean jab.

Usyk is very light on his feet. Dubois tries to curl a right hook around the champion’s guard, but it doesn’t quite land.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:39 , Alex Pattle

And we’re under way!!

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:38 , Alex Pattle

Usyk: 20-0, 13 KOs.

Dubois: 19-1, 18 KOs.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:37 , Alex Pattle





Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:32 , Alex Pattle

The British national anthem is up first, followed by Ukraine’s.

Dubois looks itching to get started.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:30 , Alex Pattle

Usyk looks incredibly focused.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:27 , Alex Pattle

A great reception for Usyk, as you’d expect, withh thousands of Ukrainian fans present in Wroclaw for this one.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:25 , Alex Pattle

Dubois is all smiles as he makes his walk, soundtracked by Bob Marley.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:24 , Alex Pattle

Here’s another look at the main event:

Usyk may produce his greatest counter yet against Daniel Dubois

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:23 , Alex Pattle

The rain has started to come down in Wroclaw.

It’s only adding to the atmosphere, as Michael Buffer takes the microphone to introduce a video message by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:18 , Alex Pattle

There’s still time to read Steve Bunce’s fight preview, while we wait for the ring walks:

The misleading narrative of Usyk vs Dubois

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

22:07 , Alex Pattle

One fight to go. It’s Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois, and it’s next.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Aadam Hamed vs Vojtech Hrdy

22:06 , Alex Pattle

Aadam Hamed def. Vojtech Hrdy via first-round TKO (2:09).

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Aadam Hamed vs Vojtech Hrdy

22:05 , Alex Pattle

Hamed did what he had to do. Hrdy and his team seemed happy enough to get out of there as quickly as possible, as cynical as that may sound.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Aadam Hamed vs Vojtech Hrdy

22:04 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Prince Naseem is in the crowd, rather than in his son’s corner. Four rounds are scheduled.

Hamed with some swift jabs early on. He stands southpaw, as does Hrdy.

A few flashy bits of footwork from Hamed as he looks to close range. Hrdy is trying to use his jab and lateral movement to keep Hamed at bay.

Hrdy retreats into a corner and covers up, with Hamed beginning to unload teasing uppercuts…

It doesn’t look like a lot of damage is being done, but Hrdy is sinking towards the mat, and the towel comes in.

It’s over in the first round.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Aadam Hamed vs Vojtech Hrdy

22:00 , Alex Pattle

Aadam looks in great shape; Hrdy looks less the part, in all honesty. But it’s not about looks.

Here we go!

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Aadam Hamed vs Vojtech Hrdy

21:58 , Alex Pattle

Aadam, 23, looks very relaxed, singing along to his walkout song – “Flashing Lights” – as he makes his way through the stadium.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Aadam Hamed vs Vojtech Hrdy

21:58 , Alex Pattle

It’s been 21 years since Aadam’s father last fought.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Aadam Hamed vs Vojtech Hrdy

21:54 , Alex Pattle

One of Hrdy’s two wins has come via knockout. Can the Czech spring an upset here?

Few will be betting on it.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Aadam Hamed in action

21:54 , Alex Pattle

Hamed is making his debut (having never even fought in the amateurs), taking on Vojtech Hrdy (1-2) at super-lightweight.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Aadam Hamed in action

21:51 , Alex Pattle

Aadam Hamed, son of Prince Naseem Hamed, is in action next!

Then, it’s time for the main event…

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

21:41 , Alex Pattle

Denys Berinchyk def. Anthony Yigit via unanimous decision (117-111, 115-113, 116-112).

And still! The Ukrainian retains the WBO International lightweight title.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

21:39 , Alex Pattle

Yigit roars after the final bell and does a few push-ups.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

21:38 , Alex Pattle

Round 12

Final round! Yigit goes after Berinchyk. There are hard shots in close from both men! Yigit looks like he has his eyes closed!

He lands, though! More than once! Berinchyk responds in kind, and the crowd roars! The Ukrainian points at the canvas in the centre of the ring, and both men bow their heads and wing hooks!

Straight punches land for both lightweights. Yigit’s chin is holding up so well. He staggers Berinchyk with a pair of hooks!

Berinchyk with a right hook to the body. Yigit just misses with a left hook upstairs. Hard hooks to the body from him, though.

Round of the night, by far!

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

21:34 , Alex Pattle

Round 11

Yigit buries an uppercut into the gut of Berinchyk before stepping away.

Yigit with a long right hook now, but there’s not a lot of power behind it.

Berinchyk just misses with a right hook but lands two on the left side.

Berinchyk steps in with an uppercut. Yigit wings a hook so hard that he almost falls over after missing.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

21:30 , Alex Pattle

Round 10

Three rounds to go. A jab lands clean for Berinchyk. Yigit’s left eye is looking increasingly compromised.

The crowd gets behind Berinchyk as the lightweights stand and trade in the centre of the ring.

Yigit beckons on his opponent as Berinchyk lands a harsh uppercut. Yigit fires back.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

21:26 , Alex Pattle

Round 9

Berinchyk is giving Yigit no space to breathe. He’s stalking the Swede and mixing up his output.

Not a lot is landing clean for the Ukrainian, until he tags Yigit with a flush right hook to the cheek.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

21:22 , Alex Pattle

Round 8

Yigit with some solid body shots as Berinchyk closes range.

Both men land hooks simultaneously, but it’s Berinchyk’s that makes the greater impact, wobbling Yigit.

The Swede’s guard holds up, however, as Berinchyk shoots out some short, teasing, straight punches.

Berinchyk just misses with a right hook, then he eats one from Yigit.

Uppercuts off both wings from Berinchyk, who starts to bully a tired-looking Yigit in the final seconds of the frame.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

21:18 , Alex Pattle

Round 7

It’s an intriguing round, with both men landing their fair share of shots. Yigit is still very much in this.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

21:14 , Alex Pattle

Round 6

Berinchyk will surely look to target that wound. If he does, he’s got a good chance of forcing a stoppage.

Yigit with a double right hook, split between the head and body of Berinchyk.

This is decent stuff from Yigit, but Berinchyk clearly has a power advantage.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

21:10 , Alex Pattle

Round 5

Yigit has done a better job at asserting himself across the last couple of rounds.

He’s light on his feet, and he’s starting to lean on his hooks a bit more.

Both lightweights land jabs simultaneously. Now a right cross from Berinchyk.

Berinchyk starts to rebuild some momentum, and Yigit is suddenly sporting a bad cut over his left eye… Blood is trickling down his cheek.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

21:07 , Alex Pattle

Oleksandr Usyk is shown having his hands wrapped in his dressing room, and he makes a funny face for the camera.

One of his team members covers the lens, though.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

21:06 , Alex Pattle

Round 4

Yigit throws a counter left uppercut and right hook. Double-jab up top, left cross to the body by Yigit.

He tries a lead right hook while pivoting away from Berinchyk, and then the same again.

Now he catches Berinchyk with a right hook, right at the end of its extension. It’s the last punch of the round.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

21:02 , Alex Pattle

Round 3

Berinchyk continues to drive a high pace. Back in an orthodox stance, he triples up his jab, landing sharply.

His right hand is getting through with increasing frequency, too.

Just as Yigit looks to arrest the momentum, Berinchyk forces him back again.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

20:58 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

Good head movement from Yigit as Berinchyk pressures him.

Berinchyk with a nice jab to the body, into an uppercut through Yigit’s guard. Both men are opening up more now.

Solid uppercut from Yigit while he circles to the left. Yigit tries the same shot off the other side, while going right.

Both fighters stand southpaw now. Berinchyk pummels the body of Yigit, whose nose is also leaking a bit.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

20:54 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

This one’s actually a rematch of a 2012 Olympics clash between the pair, which Berinchyk won.

He pressures his southpaw opponent early on here. Yigit with lateral movement to avoid getting cornered.

Berinchyk slips and falls, but he’s quickly back to his feet.

Berinchyk jabs to the body, but it’s been a cautious round from both lightweights.

Now the Ukrainian jabs upstairs. Yigit fires back with a combination to the head, before the fighters grapple to round out the frame.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

20:48 , Alex Pattle

A great reception for Berinchyk, as he walks to the ring in an oversized Viking outfit, to the sound of ominous, atmospheric music…

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

20:43 , Alex Pattle

Two more bouts before the main event, we believe…

The WBO international lightweight title is on the line first, as unbeaten Ukrainian Denys Berinchyk defends against Sweden’s Anthony Yigit.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Yaroslav Khartsyz and Konrad Czajkowski

20:36 , Alex Pattle

Yaroslav Khartsyz def. Konrad Czajkowski via unanimous decision (40-36, 40-36, 40-36).

Easy to score.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Yaroslav Khartsyz and Konrad Czajkowski

20:33 , Alex Pattle

Round 4

Lots of activity still from Czajkowski. He’s still only 22, and he’ll learn from what is on course to be his first pro loss.

The Ukrainians’ compatriot Vasily Lomachenko is at ringside. I doubt they’ve noticed!

Khartsyz is fighting entirely on the back foot, looking for counter shots.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Yaroslav Khartsyz and Konrad Czajkowski

20:29 , Alex Pattle

Round 3

Khartsyz is winging hooks now. He misses with a number of them, before tightening up his offence and landing one off the left wing.

Hang on! Khartsyz goes down… but it’s just a slip.

Another left hand is on point for Khartsyz, and Czajkowski is sporting some clear damage now.

One round to go.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Yaroslav Khartsyz and Konrad Czajkowski

20:25 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

Czajkowski is fighting aggressively, and he’s not untidy, but Khartsyz is definitely the crisper boxer.

Khartsyz whips a left hook into the ribcage of his opponent, who continues to press forward.

Now Khartsyz grazes Czajokwsi with a hook to the head. Straight shots from Khartsyz now, and he’s hurting Czajkowski!

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Yaroslav Khartsyz and Konrad Czajkowski

20:21 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Both fighters stand orthodox. Czajkowski is making good use of his lead uppercut so far.

Both men land a series of straight shots. Decent left hook by Khartsyz now.

Czajkowski walks onto a jab but fires back with a one-two. Khartsyz tags him again, though.

A fast pace to the first round, and a very strong end to it by Khartsyz, who hurts Czajkowski with a left hook among a number of clean shots!

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Yaroslav Khartsyz and Konrad Czajkowski

20:18 , Alex Pattle

Next, we have four rounds scheduled between lightweights Yaroslav Khartsyz and Konrad Czajkowski.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Dmytro Mytrofanov vs Hamzah Sheeraz

20:09 , Alex Pattle

Sheeraz: “I feel great. I knew I’d do a job on him. Did I think I’d get it done that quick? No, I thought Round 10.

“I’ve been training like mad. Loads of people wrote me off after my performance a few fights ago.”

Frank Warren: “He’s made a statement tonight. He’s come into the other guy’s backyard and done a job. I mean, that was an excellent, composed and brilliant performance. He’s a special fighter, no doubt about it.”

Some boos from the crowd for Warren, who promotes not only Sheeraz and Dubois but also Tyson Fury – that will be the reason for the boos, of course.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Dmytro Mytrofanov vs Hamzah Sheeraz

20:06 , Alex Pattle

Hamzah Sheeraz def. Dmytro Mytrofanov via second-round TKO (0:35).

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Dmytro Mytrofanov vs Hamzah Sheeraz

20:02 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

Sheeraz gets out on the front foot, and he drops Mytrofanov with a right cross!

The Ukrainian stands back up, but the referee waves it off! He’s seen enough.

Four knockdowns in fewer than four minutes of boxing. The right call from the official – no need to prolong this.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Dmytro Mytrofanov vs Hamzah Sheeraz

20:00 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Sheeraz is much the taller fighter! Both men stand orthodox.

Sheeraz’s left hand is looking like lightning, both on the jab and his lead hook.

OH! And he drops Mytrofanov with a double-jab! Wow… Inside 45 seconds!

Mytrofanov is back up and pressing forward, leaning from side to side. More rapid jabs from Sheeraz.

One-two, hook from Sheeraz! It knocks the Ukrainian off balance somewhat. OH! A jab sits down Mytrofanov again!!

Now Sheeraz starts to unload bigger shots, and Mytrofanov gets a standing count. He’s okay to continue, and he just about makes it to the bell…

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Dmytro Mytrofanov vs Hamzah Sheeraz

19:56 , Alex Pattle

The unbeaten Sheeraz, fighting out of London, puts his WBC Silver title on the line in this one.

Let’s go!

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Dmytro Mytrofanov vs Hamzah Sheeraz

19:44 , Alex Pattle

Here’s an interview between The Independent and Sheeraz from last summer:

Hamzah Sheeraz on hopes of fighting at Arsenal’s ground and the problem with a Plan B

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Dmytro Mytrofanov vs Hamzah Sheeraz

19:43 , Alex Pattle

Next up, Britain’s Hamzah Sheeraz takes on Ukraine’s Dmytro Mytrofanov at middleweight.

Hamzah Sheeraz relishing chance to beat Dmytro Mytrofanov ‘in his backyard’

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs Anauel Ngamissengue

19:40 , Alex Pattle

There’s a loooooooooong wait for the judges’ scorecards, which often means it’s a close one… That wouldn’t be a surprise.


Anauel Ngamissengue def. Fiodor Czerkaszyn via majority decision (76-74, 75-75, 78-72)!

That final scorecard feels a bit wide, but the rounds were chaotic and often close.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs Anauel Ngamissengue

19:35 , Alex Pattle

Round 8

Final round! This could still go either way, even with Ngamissengue scoring those two knockdowns in Round 3.

A lot of activity from both fighters. It’s scrappy stuff. Ngamissengue lands hooks off both wings!

Oh, he almost stumbles through the ropes, however, after walking onto a counter uppercut from Czerkaszyn!

The action continues, and the boxers are swinging as if it’s the final 10 seconds, but there are 90 left! What a pace.

Hook to the body by Czerkaszyn; Ngamissengue lands upstairs. The middleweights grapple against the ropes briefly.

Eventually they’re separated after they’ve thrown a fair few body shots.

Ngamissengue with a big right hand!! He’s forced to hold on in the final 10 seconds!! And he does!

WHAT a fight!!!

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs Anauel Ngamissengue

19:31 , Alex Pattle

Round 7

Penultimate round. Decent right cross for Czerkaszyn as Ngamissengue backs him up.

Now a rear uppercut by Czerkaszyn! He squeezes it through his opponent’s guard.

Oh! Back comes Ngamissengue with an overhand right! Czerkaszyn with a right cross.

It’s frantic action! The pace slows a bit, though, as the middleweights clinch. Even then, however, they’re throwing shots.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs Anauel Ngamissengue

19:27 , Alex Pattle

Round 6

Ngamissengue jabs to the body; Czerkaszyn jabs to the head. The Pole’s hands are low, which is a brave strategy given those earlier knockdowns.

That said, he has had success since those worrying moments; maybe his confidence is back.

Ngamissengue is breathing heavily, but he’s still coming forward. His head is jolted back slightly by a trio of straight punches from Czerkaszyn.

Czerkaszyn then leans on the French-Congolese against the ropes.

Ngamissengue is definitely not as technically sound as the Pole, and it’s showing more and more as the fight progresses. It might not matter, though!

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs Anauel Ngamissengue

19:23 , Alex Pattle

Round 5

Ngamissengue is still on top, still pressing forward. The crowd cheers as Czerkaszyn starts to fire back, though!

He changes up his target, going from head to body, favouring hooks.

Now Ngamissengue forces him back with a series of jabs, then a left hook that just misses.

A bit more success for Czerkaszyn, before the pair grapple.

Ngamissengue bows his head against Czerkaszyn’s chest and unloads hooks to the midriff. Again he just misses with a wild left hook to the head.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs Anauel Ngamissengue

19:19 , Alex Pattle

Round 4

A replay suggests that the first knockdown was actually caused by an accidental headbutt from Ngamissengue.

Either way, Czerkaszyn has not had long to recover ahead of this fourth round.

He’s doing well to halt Ngamissengue’s momentum, however, even mounting some offence himself – looking to sneak some hooks around the guard of his opponent.

Czerkaszyn maintains this encouraging spell, before leaning on Ngamissengue on the ropes, perhaps in a bid to catch a breather.

They’re separated, and Ngamissengue gets back on the front foot, opening a cut around the left eye of Czerkaszyn.

The referee motions to the judges, however, saying it was caused by a headbutt.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs Anauel Ngamissengue

19:15 , Alex Pattle

Round 3

Czerkaszyn burrows a right hook into the ribs of Ngamissengue, who fires back with a one-two up top.

Now the middleweights grapple against the ropes. Ngamissengue lands a solid hook as they separate and Czerkaszyn backs up to the centre of the ring.

OH! And down goes Czerkaszyn! He’s on his backside after a right hand from Ngamissengue, but he’s quickly back to his feet and assuring the referee that he’s okay. Let’s see about that…

Ngamissengue snaps his head back amid an onslaught of shots, and Czerkaszyn hits the canvas again!

He’s on his feet, and Ngamissengue seeks a finish, marching forward and bobbing his head from side to side before unloading punches.

Czerkaszyn makes it to the bell!

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs Anauel Ngamissengue

19:11 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

Second round of eight. Ngamissengue gets on the front foot early, pressuring Czerkaszyn.

Czerkaszyn unfurls a few counter hooks in a bid to deter his opponent.

Ngamissengue has already reverted to an orthodox stance. He just misses with an overhand right.

Now Czerkaszyn peppers him with a series of short, straight shots, increasing the intensity at the end of the flurry.

This time Ngamissengue lands the overhand right, just before the bell!

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs Anauel Ngamissengue

19:07 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Czerkaszyn stands orthodox; Ngamissengue is southpaw.

Ngamissengue gets behind a jab by throwing a cross to the body. He and Czerkaszyn soon tie up in a clinch.

There’s a fair bit of that as the round goes on. Czerkaszyn just misses with a one-two upstairs.

Ngamissengue steps in again and this time aims his cross to the head of Czerkaszyn. It’s on target.

More grappling ensues. A pawing left hook by Czerkaszyn lands round the back of Ngamissengue’s head.

Czerkaszyn looks to stay light on his feet, while Ngamissengue mixes in some lateral movement as he comes forward.

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs Anauel Ngamissengue

19:03 , Alex Pattle

Alright, then! It’s time for our round-by-round fight updates!

We kick things off with a middleweight bout between Fiodor Czerkaszyn and Anauel Ngamissengue.

Poland’s Czerkaszyn, also representing Ukraine, has a professional record of 22-0 (14 KOs), and he’s all smiles as he makes his ring walk.

French-Congolese Ngamissengue is also unbeaten at 12-0 (8 KOs). He’s already in the ring.

Here we go!

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: In other news…

19:00 , Alex Pattle

In some concerning news late last night…

It was revealed that Robert Helenius failed a pre-fight drugs test prior to his heavyweight fight with former world champion Anthony Joshua.

The 39-year-old Finn, knocked out by Joshua in the seventh round at London’s O2 Arena on 12 August, had stepped in as a late replacement for Dillian Whyte, who had failed a drugs test himself.

Fight promoter Matchroom Boxing confirmed in a statement on Twitter that Helenius had “returned an adverse analytical finding” after being voluntarily tested on 11 August.

More here:

Robert Helenius failed drug test before fighting Anthony Joshua, Vada says

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Why champion can produce his greatest counter yet

18:56 , Alex Pattle

When Usyk and his challenger came face to face at a pre-fight press conference in July, Dubois vowed to unleash “hell”. Usyk, meanwhile, recited a poem and a rap. That might have foreshadowed the dynamic of this main event rather well: Dubois, as his coach Don Charles has admitted, must make this a chaotic affair. In contrast, Usyk will look to employ his usual artistry to undo his challenger and put Dubois himself through hell.

Agonised by the grave matter of war in his homeland and the more trivial factor of frustration with Tyson Fury, Usyk will be riled up in Wroclaw. If any fighter can master that emotion and harness it wisely, it is Usyk.

Full preview:

Usyk may produce his greatest counter yet against Daniel Dubois

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Challenger missed Ryanair flight to Poland

18:50 , Alex Pattle

Dubois’s preparation for his fight with Usyk took a major hit this week, when the Briton’s Ryanair flight to Poland was cancelled.

Dubois arrived in Wroclaw 24 hours later than planned after his flight from Stansted was among those cancelled on Sunday (20 August).

The 25-year-old was forced to take a cab ride, costing £280, to Heathrow, where he slept in an airport hotel before flying via Dusseldorf on Monday morning.

“It was chaos when we got to Stansted,” Dubois told reporters on Thursday (24 August). “Ryanair… for f***’s sake! There was an evacuation of the departures hall going on.

“People were screaming and fainting, and there were some fights going on. Mad, crazy. We had to get out. My dad for one couldn’t stand it.

“We were all tired when we got here, having missed a day’s preparations, but I got a good night’s sleep and back on track.”

More here:

Daniel Dubois misses Ryanair flight ahead of Usyk fight

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Best betting odds

18:45 , Martin Green

The Ukrainian is an overwhelming favourite but we’ve found some alternative betting opportunities on the fight…

Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois tips & predictions: Betting preview with best odds & free bets

The misleading narrative of Usyk vs Dubois

18:38 , Steve Bunce

Usyk will be fighting closer to his Kyiv home than he has in eight years; the 36-year-old, remember, won his cruiserweight world titles on the road in Poland, Latvia and Russia. He defended the belts against local fighters in Germany, America and England. He is a boxing treasure, unbeaten now in 20 fights, an Olympic gold medalist, a volunteer in the Ukraine defence force. He might just be changing the dictionary definition of ‘national idol’.

Dubois will finally, for the first time in his short but intense boxing life, have no pressure on his shoulders. The 25-year-old will start as the underdog for the first time in 21 fights. He turned professional in 2017 when he was just a wide-eyed teenager; his progression was deceptive, and he was made to feel invincible against many men who had no chance. In 2020, there was a bad, bad night behind closed doors and under Covid restrictions.

The fight’s simple – but misleading – narrative seems to be that Dubois has a puncher’s chance; well, all heavyweights have a puncher’s chance. Anthony Joshua went 24 rounds with Usyk, and he most definitely had a puncher’s chance. To beat Usyk, you need far more than a puncher’s chance.

Full preview:

The misleading narrative of Usyk vs Dubois

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Undercard in full

18:30 , Alex Pattle

Full card (subject to late changes):

Oleksandr Usyk (C) vs Daniel Dubois (WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO heavyweight titles)

Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit (lightweight)

Dmytro Mytrofanov vs Hamzah Sheeraz (middleweight)

Daniel Lapin vs Aro Schwartz (light-heavyweight)

Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs Anauel Ngamissengue (middleweight)

Rafal Wolczecki vs Roberto Arriaza (middleweight)

Vasile Cebotari vs Joel Julio (welterweight)

Nursultan Amanzholov vs Lazizbek Mullojonov (heavyweight)

Oleksandr Solomennikov vs Piotr Gudel (featherweight)

Aadam Hamed vs TBA (super-welterweight)

Ziyad Almaayouf vs Janos Penzes (super-lightweight)

Bryce Mills vs Damian Tymosz (super-lightweight)

Yaroslav Khartsyz vs Konrad Czajkowski (lightweight)

Who is fighting on Usyk vs Dubois undercard tonight?

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: How to watch

18:22 , Alex Pattle

In the UK, the fight and undercard will air live on TNT Sports pay-per-view (formerly BT Sport). The event will cost £19.95 and is not exclusive to TNT subscribers. It will also stream live on the broadcaster’s website and app.

No US broadcaster has been confirmed at the time of writing.

If you’re travelling abroad and want to watch the event, you might need a VPN to unblock your streaming app. Our VPN round-up is here to help: Get great deals on the best VPNs in the market.

How to watch Usyk vs Dubois online and on TV tonight

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE: Start time

18:14 , Alex Pattle

Usyk vs Dubois is set to take place at the Tarczynski Arena in Wroclaw, Poland, tonight.

The undercard just got going at 6pm BST (10am PT, 12pm CT, 1pm ET), with ring walks for the main event likely to follow at 11pm BST (3pm PT, 5pm CT, 6pm ET).

Indy Sport’s coverage will begin in full at 7pm BST.

What time does Usyk vs Dubois start tonight?

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE

17:59 , Alex Pattle

Oleksandr Usyk defends the unified heavyweight titles against Daniel Dubois tonight, as the pair square off in Poland.

Thousands of Ukrainian fans are expected to be present in Wroclaw, where Usyk looks to stay unbeaten and hang on to the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO belts. Usyk, 36, took the titles from Anthony Joshua in 2021 before outpointing the Briton again last August to retain the gold.

The southpaw faces another British heavyweight tonight, as 25-year-old Dubois looks to upset the odds in his toughest test yet. The heavy-handed challenger, fittingly nicknamed “Dynamite”, has achieved 18 of his 19 wins via knockout, and his sole defeat came at the hands of Joe Joyce three years ago.

Can Usyk move a step closer to a much-anticipated clash with Tyson Fury – a fight to crown the first undisputed heavyweight champion in over two decades? Or will he fall at the hands of underdog Dubois?

We’ll soon find out…

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