Rahm confronts cameraman in Round 3 after profane outburst on Friday


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PITTSFORD, N.Y. – Jon Rahm is hardly the only player to let the drenching rain and increasingly difficult conditions at the PGA Championship frustrate him, but he is the most high-profile.

On Saturday, the world No. 1 voiced his frustration with an ESPN cameraman who had gotten too close at the par-4 eighth hole. “Stop aiming [the camera] at my face when I’m mad, it’s all you guys do,” Rahm was heard saying on the telecast.

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At the time, Rahm was 2 over for the round and mired in Oak Hills’ swallowing rough. “It’s more about giving me some space. The camera was right in my face,” Rahm said following his round.

The Spaniard also had a heated moment at the par-3 fifth hole after a poor chip from behind the green. He took his frustration out on an on-course microphone, but he said he didn’t remember hitting the microphone with his club.

During Friday’s second round, the reigning Masters champion was overheard criticizing the PGA of America after his tee shot at the par-3 11th hole raced through the green and into the rough.

The telecast caught Rahm saying, “Great hole, PGA. Great f–king hole.”

This week’s major has seen its fair share of outbursts. Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth were also overheard yelling profanities on camera, and Taylor Moore threw his driver so hard at the ground after one hole that it bounced multiple times before landing in the rough and being picked up by his caddie.

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