Putin’s reign shows no signs of weakening – German intelligence

German intelligence said there were no signs that Putin's position had weakened

German intelligence said there were no signs that Putin’s position had weakened

“We see no cracks in the Putin system,” he said.

Public criticism of military commanders is typical for Russia and poses no threat to the Kremlin’s regime, he said.

“Despite isolated criticism – for example, as far as ammunition deliveries are concerned – there are no signs that the system is shaking or imploding,” he said, adding that it couldn’t be ruled out either.

Kahl believes that “Russia is still capable of waging a long-range war” as it has rather large mobilisation potential. There are also no significant shortages of weapons and ammunition.

“Therefore, we can’t talk about weakness or the Russian actions coming to an end. Indeed, there are vulnerabilities and surprises – for example, regarding the effectiveness of the armed forces. But unless the West is very organized in supporting Ukraine and resisting, Putin’s strategy of relying on the long term and masses may succeed,” Kahl concluded.

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