Putin launches new series of threats and lies in response to Ukraine’s receipt of cluster munitions

Putin cynically lied saying Russia didn't use cluster munitions

Putin cynically lied saying Russia didn’t use cluster munitions

Russia does not use cluster munitions and will take “mirror actions” if the Ukrainian armed forces employ such projectiles, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin said on the Russian state television program ” Moscow”. Kremlin. Putin” on July 16.

“I want to emphasize that Russia has an abundant supply of various types of cluster munitions. We have refrained from using them so far, despite a well-known shortage at one time, but if they are used against us, we reserve the right to respond in kind,” Putin said.

Furthermore, Putin alleged that the valuation of this ammunition was provided by the US administration “through the statements of its employees”.

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He cynically remarked, “The US administration itself called the use of cluster munitions a crime at one time. Well, I think that’s how it should be seen. This comes despite Russia’s repeated use of such munitions in Ukraine, including attacks on civilians.

The Pentagon officially announced the transfer of cluster munitions to Ukraine on July 7, as part of a new military assistance program.

On July 13, the Ukrainian armed forces confirmed the arrival of the cluster munitions from the United States.T

he decision to supply cluster munitions to Ukraine has sparked disagreements among allies. Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and other countries have opposed the use of these weapons because of the risks they pose to civilians.

The White House explained that despite the risks, it made the decision to provide these weapons to Ukraine because they are crucial for effective counter-offensive operations. They clarified that the United States faced a shortage of artillery shells to transfer to kyiv.

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Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said it would only use cluster munitions in areas where Russian forces are concentrated, away from urban areas, to minimize the risk to civilians.

Meanwhile, Russian officials have said supplying Ukraine with cluster projectiles “won’t change anything.”

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