Putin decides to brag about his “knowledge of history” again on “map with no Ukraine”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again decided to say that Ukraine was created by the USSR, and prior to that, “no Ukraine” allegedly existed.

Source: Russian RBC, which retells the plot by Russia 24 TV channel

Details: Putin spoke about the “non-existent Ukraine” during a meeting with Valery Zorkin, the chairman of the Constitutional Court.

Zorkin brought Putin a copy of the map, which, according to him, was compiled by the French during the time of Louis XIV, in the middle of the 17th century. He said that he brought it to Putin to show that “there is no Ukraine there” – only the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, “Cossacks” and the Moscow Kingdom.



Putin responded by saying that “this is well known.”

Quote from Putin: “These lands were simply part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and then they were asked to become part of the Moscow Kingdom… And only then, after the October Revolution, quasi-state formations began to form. The Soviet government created Soviet Ukraine. There has never been any Ukraine in the history of mankind up to this point.”

For reference: In the 17th century, Russia was called the Moscow Kingdom; in 1721, it was transformed into the Russian Empire.


  • Putin has repeatedly voiced pseudo-historical theses that Ukraine was invented during the creation of the USSR. So in September 2022, he mentioned this during a meeting with school students.

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