Putin congratulates occupiers on alleged capture of Bakhmut, promising to reward them

After the Russian Ministry of Defence has announced the alleged capture of Bakhmut, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin congratulated the Wagner Private Military Company and promised the occupiers state awards.

Source: TASS, a Kremlin-aligned Russian news outlet, referring to the Kremlin’s press service

Quote: “Vladimir Putin congratulates the Wagner assault troops, as well as all the servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces who provided them with the necessary support and flank cover, on the completion of the operation to liberate Artemovsk [this is Russian spelling of the city’s previous name; Bakhmut used to be called Artemivsk, and Russia still uses that name – ed.].

All those who have distinguished themselves will be presented with state awards.”

Details: Late in the evening of 20 May, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced the alleged capture of Bakhmut.


  • On 20 May, the leader of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, posted a video near the railway station in the centre of Bakhmut, claiming that his mercenaries had allegedly completely seized the city and that on 25 May they would hand over its “defence” to Russian Defence Ministry soldiers and leave.

  • The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine denied the capture of Bakhmut: despite the “critical situation” in the city, Ukrainian soldiers control some facilities.

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