Proof in the What?!? Trump Trolls DeSantis team after bizarre TV response.

Donald Trump’s social media team has searched Republican presidential rival Ron DeSantis after the Florida governor – perhaps accidentally – referenced one of the strangest charges he has faced.

During a Fox News interview with Kayleigh McEnany, DeSantis used the phrase “here’s the proof in the pudding.”

For most people, that would be a pretty standard use of the cliche.

But DeSantis may have a history with the pudding: The Daily Beast reported in March that he eats ‘like a hungry animal’ and described an incident in which he ate pudding with three fingers during a flight private in 2019.

Trump’s team shared the clip with an eye emoji:

DeSantis was once a close acolyte of Trump, but relations between the two have soured since it was first reported last year that the governor of Florida planned to challenge the former president for the Republican nomination.

Polls once showed DeSantis running close to Trump, but he has since disappeared. Most polls now show the former president with a lead of 20 percentage points or more over DeSantis for the GOP bid.

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