Priscilla Presley says she’s on ‘good terms’ with Riley Keough after dispute over Lisa Marie Presley’s will

Riley Keough has officially been named the sole trustee of her late mother Lisa Marie Presley’s estate, following a months-long legal dispute.

After Lisa Marie Presley’s death in January, questions arose over who in the family would control the estate of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley’s daughter.

Now, almost seven months after Priscilla Presley first asked a judge to determine the validity of Lisa Marie Presley’s will, the legal dispute has been resolved, with both grandmother and granddaughter insisting they are on “good terms.”

In an Aug. 23 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Priscilla Presley acknowledged Keough as the estate’s “executor,” which she said “should be right.”

“Riley and I are on good terms,” she said. “We were never not on good terms. That was all publicity.”

Earlier this month, Keough defined her relationship with her grandmother in similar terms in an interview with Vanity Fair.

“Things with Grandma will be happy,” Keough said. “They’ve never not been happy.”

Here’s a timeline with everything to know about the legal dispute over Lisa Marie Presley’s trust:

What is the Promenade Trust?

The Promenade Trust essentially holds the entirety of Elvis Presley’s estate. As the sole heir to her father, Lisa Marie Presley executed a living trust in 1993, which is a legal mechanism for protecting one’s assets and determining how they will be distributed after they die, according to the American Bar Association.

Lisa Marie Presley was also the sole personal owner of the Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, according to Graceland’s website.

According to court filings, the trust was “completely restated” on Jan. 27, 2010, appointing Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley’s former business manager, Barry Siegel, as co-trustees.

Lisa Marie Presley sues Barry Siegel

In 2018, the singer-songwriter sued Siegel for negligence and mismanaging her finances in a $100 million lawsuit, according to Reuters.

At 9 years old, Lisa Marie Presley was left as her dad Elvis Presley’s heir after his death in 1977. In 1993, Siegel took over managing her finances when she came into her inheritance.

By 2016, the trust had been left with $14,000 in cash and more than $500,000 in credit card debt, Reuters reported based off her lawsuit.

At the time, Siegel had filed his own $800,000 lawsuit against Lisa Marie Presley, accusing her of squandering her inheritance because of her lifestyle choices.

Lisa Marie Presley dies

Lisa Marie Presley died Jan. 12 at age 54 after experiencing a cardiac arrest.

Earlier in the day, the Los Angeles County Fire Department and Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station deputies received a call concerning a woman who was not breathing near the 5900 block of Normandy Drive in Calabasas.

NBC News reported that officials treated the woman at her home before she was taken via ambulance to an area hospital.

Priscilla Presley files for control of Lisa Marie’s trust

Weeks after her daughter’s death, Priscilla Presley asked a judge to confirm she’s a trustee of Lisa Marie Presley’s estate and deem a “purported” amendment to the trust invalid.

In a document dated March 11, 2016, “pertaining to be an amendment” to the trust, the rock ‘n’ roll icon’s ex-wife and Siegel were removed as co-trustees. Instead, they were replaced by two of Lisa Marie Presley’s children, Riley Keough and Benjamin Keough, who died in 2020 at age 27.

However, Priscilla Presley’s January filing claimed that “there are many issues surrounding the authenticity and validity of the purported 2016 amendment.”

Riley Keough asks to be named sole trustee

In May, Priscilla Presley said the legal dispute over her daughter’s trust had been settled out of court.

A month later, Keough filed a petition to be named the sole trustee of Lisa Marie Presley’s estate, with Priscilla Presley filing a declaration of support that same day.

“My January 2023 petition was misconstrued in the press as a ‘fight’ over my beloved daughter’s trust (The Promenade Trust),” Priscilla Presley’s declaration read, in part. “This was not the intent. The petition was filed by a law firm who has since been terminated.”

The settlement agreement names the 78-year-old a trustee of the 1/9 sub-trust for her son Navarone Garibaldi Garcia, Lisa Marie Presley’s half brother with no relation to Elvis Presley.

Keough and her 14-year-old twin sisters — Harper and Finley Lockwood — would split the remainder of the trust, according to the filing. The documents also officially remove Priscilla Presley as trustee for the estate of her late daughter.

Riley Keough is officially named sole trustee of her late mother’s estate

In August, a court approved Keough’s petition, making Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter the sole trustee of her mom’s estate, according to documents obtained by NBC News.

What have Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough said about the dispute?

In an August interview, Priscilla Presley explained that the process of determining the future of Lisa Marie Presley’s trust was a private matter for the family and “not something to fool around with and say that we’re not agreeing.”

She added that her relationship with Keough is on “good terms” and said she was seeing Keough that night for dinner.

“We understand what needs to be done. I’m there for her. She knows that. She wants me there for her to help her,” Priscilla Presley told the Hollywood Reporter.

In a Vanity Fair article published Aug. 8, Keough expressed a similar sentiment when she was asked if things between her and her grandmother were “happy.”

Keough noted that “there was a bit of upheaval” surrounding the legal battle but said “everything’s going to be how it was.”

“She’s a beautiful woman, and she was a huge part of creating my grandfather’s legacy and Graceland,” Keough said of Priscilla Presley. “It’s very important to her. He was the love of her life. Anything that would suggest otherwise in the press makes me sad because, at the end of the day, all she wants is to love and protect Graceland and the Presley family and the legacy.”

“That’s her whole life,” she continued. “So it’s a big responsibility she has tried to take on. None of that stuff has really ever been a part of our relationship prior. She’s just been my grandma.”

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