Prigozhin Jet in Belarus; We don’t know who’s on board

(Bloomberg) – President Vladimir Putin has said the organizers of an attempted mutiny were seeking to divide Russia and that his government had taken all necessary steps to neutralize the danger.

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In his first speech since the rebellion, he said troops from the Wagner mercenary group could join the Russian army or leave for Belarus. He did not comment on the fate of the group’s founder Yevgeny Prigozhin.

A business jet belonging to Prigozhin reportedly landed in Belarus, but it was not immediately clear who was on board. Russian news agencies said a criminal investigation into the Prigozhin mutiny remained open.

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Prigozhin Jet lands in Belarus; We don’t know who’s on board (8:22)

Prigozhin’s business jet landed at the Machulishchi military air base, according to Belarusian monitoring group Hajun, which cited air traffic data. It was not immediately clear if Prigozhin himself was on the plane, Hajun said.

Oil is higher after choppy session (7:06)

Oil edged higher on Tuesday after a choppy session following the short-lived armed uprising in Russia, a major OPEC+ producer.

West Texas Intermediate futures climbed toward $70 a barrel after closing 0.3% higher on Monday.

Russia conducts flight exercises over the Baltic Sea (05:15)

Tactical flight exercises of combat aircraft, including the Su-27 fighter, are taking place over the Baltic Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The drills aim to test the readiness of flight crews to perform special tasks and the capabilities of aviation equipment, the ministry added.

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