Polish official says object that entered airspace was Russian-made rocket

WARSAW, Poland (AP) —

An aide to Polish President Andrzej Duda said Friday that the object that entered Poland’s airspace last year and was found in April was a Russian-made rocket.

The aide, Pawel Szrot, said on Radio RMF FM that the nose of the rocket had been found and that it’s “peculiar” because it’s made of concrete. It’s being examined by experts.

Szrot said it was “Russian technology” and most probably intended to give weight to the nose and allow the projectile to try to confuse Ukraine’s air defense systems in trying to repel Russian attacks.

The nose of the rocket contained no explosives, Szrot said.

Poland’s defense officials had been facing questions about an object that crash-landed on Polish territory in December and whose parts were found by a civilian in the woods near the city of Bydgoszcz in April.

The matter of air security while there is a war in neighboring Ukraine became especially sensitive in Poland after two Polish men were killed when a missile landed in eastern Poland in November. Western officials said they believed a Ukrainian air defense missile went astray as Ukraine tried to repel a large-scale attack by Russia.

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