Polish defense minister anticipates Putin’s era’s coming to end

Blaschak reminded that the Kremlin cannot be trusted

Blaschak reminded that the Kremlin cannot be trusted

Commenting on the possible end of Russia’s war against Ukraine, the minister stressed that Ukraine’s victory should be based on Kyiv’s rights and terms.

“It is the sovereign Ukrainian government that will decide on this,” he said.

“And we’ll support it in this. I hope we’re just witnessing, at least, the end of Putin’s era.”

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Błaszczak reiterated that the Kremlin “constantly” has imperialist tendencies.

“Unfortunately, Russian aggression has confirmed the old truth — the Kremlin cannot be trusted in any way,” the minister said.

“Imperialist tendencies are present there constantly and in full force. And we’ve been talking about it for a long time. We signaled and warned the free world about the threat from Russia. After the full-scale attack on Ukraine, it’s time to test our solidarity, unanimity, and determination. Fortunately, the West and NATO have done it well.”

The Polish official added that the Polish army is quickly being equipped with modern weapons amid the war in Ukraine.

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“It’s about Poland’s subjectivity and independence,” he stressed.

“We’re aware of this responsibility and moment in our history. That’s why we’re strengthening the border and forming military units in eastern Poland.”

Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksiy Danilov said on May 12 that the Ukrainian authorities want to see the end of Russia’s war against Ukraine by winter 2024.

According to Ukrainian military intelligence, Russia has the resources for the war to continue at the current pace for another two years.

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