Pittsburg County District Court felony filings — May 8-12, 2023

May 20—This report reflects public felony cases filed at the Pittsburg County Courthouse between the dates listed. The reader should keep in mind that these are charges, and not evidence of guilt. Active arrest warrants issued by the court are included in this report. Disposition of charges are published in subsequent reports. Many names are similar and, in some cases, identical to a person not being charged. When names are identical, the News-Capital will publish a disclaimer, which more completely identifies the person being charged.


Ronnie Ray Pogue, 36, McAlester — First degree rape, forcible sodomy

Matthew Glen Durant, 36, Indianola — Provide false/misleading sex offender registration information, safety zones around elementary and junior high school, childcare facilities

Jeremy Lawrence Webb, 35, McAlester — Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon

Garland Leon Seay, 36, Haileyville — Manufacturing child pornography, possession of child pornography, domestic abuse-assault and battery


Kal-El Antwoine Beckham, 36, McAlester, received two five-year consecutive suspended sentences for endangering others while eluding police officer and larceny of an automobile.

Shelby David Goodnight, 32, Jackie Brannon Correctional Center, received a six-year sentence with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for escaping from the department of corrections.

Matthew Shane Moon, 22, McAlester, received a two-year suspended sentence for attempted larceny of an automobile.

Elisha M. Bomar, 39, McAlester, received a four-year deferred sentence for possession of a credit card belonging to another.

Robert Glen Northway, 53, McAlester, received two concurrent five-year deferred sentences for burglary in the second degree and stalking.

Corey Lezhan Crockett, 29, Tulsa, received a one-year deferred sentence for possession of a controlled dangerous substance after a felony charge of unlawful possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute was reduced.

Endangering others while eluding and trafficking in illegal drugs were dismissed against Bree Angelica Osburn, 26, McAlester, due to Osburn being in federal custody.

Trafficking in illegal drugs and possession of a firearm after former felony conviction were dismissed against Jeffrey Owen Freeman, 54, McAlester, due to Freeman being in federal custody.

False pretenses/bogus check/con game was dismissed against Jennifer Ann Wingo, 27, McAlester, after restitution was paid in full.

Larceny from the house was dismissed against Marcus Benjamin Henington, 41, McAlester, due to the state of Oklahoma not having criminal jurisdiction in the matter.

Murder in the first degree-deliberate intent was dismissed against Nicholas L. Spearman, 27, Sand Springs, due to the state of Oklahoma not having criminal jurisdiction in the matter.

—Derrick James

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