Photos capture the strange scenes surrounding Donald Trump’s 3rd arraignment

Trump courtroom sketch

Dana Verkouteren via AP

  • Donald Trump was arraigned on Thursday at a DC federal courthouse.

  • He pleaded not guilty to charges that he conspired to overturn the 2020 election results.

  • Supporters and protesters stood outside the courthouse for the arraignment.

Former President Donald Trump arrived at a federal courthouse in Washington, DC, on Thursday afternoon to plead not guilty to charges accusing him of conspiring to overturn the 2020 election results.

The procedural event played out inside the Elijah Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse like any other judicial proceeding.

Trump answered a few basic questions and entered his plea: “Not guilty.” Nonetheless, the moment carried significant historical weight. No other time in US history has a former president had to answer to three indictments.

Groups of media members, Trump supporters, and protesters stood nearby the courthouse as they watched Trump’s motorcade pull into the federal building. Cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom where Trump was arraigned.

Here’s how the day unfolded for Trump as he was arraigned following his third indictment.

Trump deplaned from his airplane, Trump Force One, at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Thursday morning for his arraignment

Donald Trump stepping down stairs.

Alex Brandon/AP

Trump Force One is a $100 million Boeing 757 private jet that was recently refurbished.

Trump’s motorcade arrived at the Elijah Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse, where he was arraigned on four felony counts.

A motorcade of black SUVs.

Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

Members of Trump’s team also attended the hearing.

Trump's team outside a federal courthouse

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

On the left, in glasses, is Trump’s campaign advisor Jason Miller. On the right, in the purple dress, is Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba.

Other team members who accompanied Trump in his arraignment were Walt Nauta, an aide and co-defendant in the classified documents case; Boris Epshteyn, a Trump attorney and potential co-conspirator in the 2020 election case; and the lawyers on Trump’s defense team, John Lauro and Todd Blanche.

Media members and demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse. Some reporters waited starting on Wednesday to get a coveted seat inside the courtroom.

Media and protesters outside the federal courthouse where Trump is arraigned.

Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Trump supporters waved flags outside the federal courthouse. CNN earlier reported there was an underwhelming presence of Trump supporters outside of the courthouse.

A Pro-Trump flag is waved outside a courthouse

Mandel NganAFP via Getty Images

Anti-Trump protesters also made an appearance at the courthouse. A large white flag read, “Trump indicted again again.”

Protesters outside federal courthouse where Trump is arraigned.

Bryan Dozier/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

A protester held up a sign that riffed on a similar phrase Trump supporters chant against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

A protester holds up a sign.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Some Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters were grouped together. Below, Laurie Arbeiter held a sign that claimed, “Trump steals” and is a “danger to us all.”

Protesters outside federal courthouse where Trump is arraigned.

Jose Luis Magana/AP

A protester was dressed in a baby Trump costume, wearing a “Loser” sign. This was not the first time Trump was depicted as a baby by his detractors.

Protester dressed in a baby Trump costume.

Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

A 20-foot baby Trump was flown over central London in 2019. On a smaller scale, an inflatable baby Trump flew over Palo Alto and many other US cities.

A demonstrator wore various MAGA merchandise. Trump’s campaign has partly fundraised off of selling merch.

A protester wears MAGA merchandise.

Stefani Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

Jared Kushner claimed in his memoir, “Breaking History,” that the famous red “Make America Great Again” hats made up to $80,000 a day in 2016.

Trump is trying to cash in on his third indictment by offering shirts that say “I Stand with Trump” in exchange for $47 donations to his Trump Save America Joint Action Committee.

Anti-Trump accessories also made an appearance. One of the buttons referenced special counsel Jack Smith, who led the Justice Department’s investigations into Trump.

Anti-Trump buttons on display.

Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell attended Trump’s arraignment.

Capitol Police officer Sgt. Aquilino Gonell

Alex Brandon/AP

Gonnell was one of the Capitol Police officers who was injured while defending the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

He provided a tearful testimony before Congress, telling lawmakers how he “did not recognize my fellow citizens that day.” The officer later told Insider that he felt betrayed after hearing testimony from former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson.

Daniel Hodges, an officer with Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department who was injured on January 6, 2021, was also there, along with Harry Dunn, a Capitol Police officer who was chased by rioters.

Cameras were restricted inside the courtroom. Shown in the sketch is attorney Todd Blanche, left, talking to Trump. Defense lawyer John Lauro is seen facing Magistrate Judge Moxila Upadhyaya who oversaw Thursday’s arraignment.

Trump courtroom sketch

Dana Verkouteren via AP

After the arraignment, Trump gave a short statement to reporters. “This is a very sad day for America,” he said. “And it was also very sad driving through Washington, DC, and seeing the filth and the decay … This is not the place that I left.”

Donald Trump speaks to reporters.

Alex Brandon/AP

A Trump supporter held up a mask of the former president. He was also riding in a black car that was adorned with a facsimile Seal of the President on the passenger door.

A person holds up a Donald Trump mask.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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