Phoenix high schooler arrested after bringing AR-15, ammunition to school: police

On Friday, police arrested a student who allegedly brought an AR-15 and ammunition to a Phoenix high school.

The student now faces “serious felony charges” for bringing the semi-automatic rifle, the same style of weapon behind the majority of the 21 deadliest mass shootings in the U.S. since 2006.

The incident happened at Bostrom High School, where the student was arrested in the main office around 1 p.m. on Friday, reports the Phoenix Police Department. The school went into lockdown as the arrested occurred. Authorities also uncovered additional ammunition in the student’s backpack and lunchbox, reports NBC News.

The Phoenix Police Department has not made the identity of the student public, but they have released a statement indicating that he’s still in custody.

The department’s crime gun intelligence unit is collaborating with school and district personnel on the investigation.

“We commend those who originally reported the possibility of a weapon on school grounds to adults on campus, who immediately called police,” the department said.

It was not made known who reported the student to police, or how the gun and ammunition was obtained.

The exact charges the student is facing, as well as the amount of prison time if convicted, also remain unclear at this time.

The student was reported to be just 15 years old, according to local NBC affiliate KPNX.

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