Philadelphia 76ers deep-dive with John Gonzalez

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Longtime sports journalist and Philadelphia sports fan John Gonzalez joins Dan Devine for an episode all about the Philadelphia 76ers, including James Harden’s war against the front office in an effort to get traded and what it means for Joel Embiid’s future.

On this episode of No Cap Room, Dan Devine is joined by longtime sports journalist and Philadelphia sports fan John Gonzalez to talk about all things Philadelphia 76ers.

The guys start with James Harden’s public comments about the team’s President of Basketball Operations, Daryl Morey, from earlier this week. In addition to creating such a difficult spot for the team, removing all of his own leverage while demanding a trade, he’s also permanently creating a legacy of off-court troubles after now trying to force his way out of a third team in four years.

If Harden doesn’t play for the Sixers this season, it raises some real questions about their viability as a title contender this year and going forward. How close does that bring the team to a potential trade request from reigning MVP Joel Embiid? He has already stated that he would go to another team if it meant winning a title, and now he’s removed references to the 76ers from his social media profiles.

Finally, the guys go through some thought exercises. First, they attempt to find silver linings and reasons for optimism for 76ers fans. Then, they dive into the multi-verse and give John a chance to play the role of Daryl Morey in an attempt to fix this mess.

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