People Are Just Discovering That The Kid From “Love Actually” Is Marrying Elon Musk’s Two-Time Ex-Wife, And Now Elon Musk Congratulated Them

Thomas Brodie-Sangster is probably, and don’t kill me for this, best known for his role as the little kid in Love Actually.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as a kid smiling at a media event

Toni Anne Barson Archive / WireImage / Getty Images

More recently, he’s been in The Queen’s Gambit, Game of Thrones, and The Maze Runner series.

An adult Thomas Brodie-Sangster sailing

David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Images for Cowes Week

He’s 33 now and engaged to Talulah Riley.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Talulah Riley walking hand-in-hand. Talulah is wearing a short floral summer dress and Thomas is wearing a jacket, slacks, and a fedora

Ricky Vigil M / GC Images / Getty Images

Talulah is an actor as well.

Talulah is sitting at a formal dinner event wearing a sequined dress

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She’s also Elon Musk’s two-time ex-wife.

Talulah and Elon pose for a photo together at a media event

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They were married from 2010–2012 and again from 2013–2016.

Talulah and Elon hold each other close at a media event

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Well, now Thomas is engaged to Talulah.

  Ricky Vigil M / GC Images / Getty Images

Ricky Vigil M / GC Images / Getty Images

Talulah announced their engagement on Twitter:

Twitter: @TalulahRiley

And now Elon himself has responded.

Twitter: @elonmusk

People, including myself, were kind of caught off guard by this one.

Elon Musk’s two time ex wife.. engaged to the child from Nanny McPhee and Love Actually.. what am I reading here

— Zac | (@ZacQuinn) July 28, 2023

Twitter: @ZacQuinn

“Going from Elon Musk to the kid from Love Actually is wild, ” this person said.

Paul Morigi/WireImage/ Twitter: @fkabiriyani

“I’m sorry, Elon Musk’s ex is engaged to the little boy in Love Actually?!?!” another said.

Paul Morigi/WireImage/ Twitter: @sydneyjowray

Ultimately, all I can think about is her.

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