People are absolutely losing their minds over this FBI tweet about Taylor Swift, like how is it even real? !

Last week, Taylor Swift released her latest re-recorded album: Speak Now.

Taylor on stage

Fernando Leon/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

If you’re not familiar with what she does, Taylor re-records her albums and calls each song “Taylor’s version.”

track list with taylor updated version added


And now the FBI is getting into the hype with this tweet featuring its own Speak Now version…

Twitter: @FBIWFO

As you can see, their tracklist is a bit different…

some on the list include terrorism (FBI version) cybercrime (FBI version) public corruption (FBI version)

People immediately commented on how weird and gritty it was.

Twitter: @jwrightpitch

“For what?” was the common feeling.

Twitter: @ifiwasrichard

And “This can’t be real” was the other.

Twitter: @slayntvincent

It just doesn’t make sense, as calling every “song” an “FBI version” makes it sound like they’re the ones committing the crime.

cackling about how (the FBI version) insinuates that it’s the US government that is committing all these crimes

โ€” Kay ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿค๐Ÿฉท GOT TICKETS TO LONDON!!! (@taylors_daisy) July 11, 2023

Twitter: @taylors_daisy

“They really wrote ‘the FBI version’ next to all the crimes the FBI has committed over the years,” this person said.

Twitter: @GayLaVie

From “I didn’t expect this Taylor Swift/FBI collab”…

Twitter: @KristinDuquette

…to “The government has to cancel my student loan debt just for showing me this.”

Twitter: @Brie__yonce

I can’t believe this is real.

Twitter: @aIexis_rose

In conclusion, you just *knew* that Taylor is issuing a cease and desist.

        Fernando Leon/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Fernando Leon/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

See you in court, darlings.


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